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Button bucks

Old 12-21-2002, 06:58 AM
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Default Button bucks

Is there any good way to determine a deer is a button buck in the field such as any characteristics?

Also for the record, a yearling deer is a deer that is 6 months old correct?

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Default RE: Button bucks

I've heard that the skull is shaped differently, from a yearling doe to a button buck. I nailed one two years ago, along with its mother. Felt kinda bad once I found out that the second deer was a button buck.

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Default RE: Button bucks

sometimes its hard to tell if you dont get a good look. But if you get a good close look or get to observe them with binocs or sumthin you can usually tell. Button bucks generally appear bulkier with shorter faces.

heres 4 button bucks (roughly 6 months old) notice how they look nice and stocky and the heads/faces look short. You can also see the bumps right behind and above the eyes.

heres a yearling does for comparison...looks much more thin and delicate...hahaha atleast to me

** I almost got him but I refuse to take a marginal shot **
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Default RE: Button bucks

Yes ,Of course in the field sometimes emotions take over our commom sense. No one can ID a button 100%. But If you hunt the same stand or area all the time and see one deer all the time traveling the same route? If it is smaller then the normal deer , has a short nose and is stupid it is probably a button.Usually ,but not always a button will be alone.He has been kicked out of the momma's and doe fawns life. If your bow hunting it is easier because of the distancew.In gun hunting if your really dont want to shoot a button you must be discrimative with your lead.Ifyou shoot one by mistake? Learn by it.
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Default RE: Button bucks

I shot a Button Buck this year... it was traveing witha Doe Fawn... I shot the only one I had a shot at...
A Fawn= 6 months. A Yearling = 18 months.

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Default RE: Button bucks

What happened to that does other leg?<img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: Button bucks

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote<font size=1 face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>

A Fawn= 6 months. A Yearling = 18 months.

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Depends where you live!
Around here a yearling = 6 months old (born this year) (in it's first year of life) You get the picture.
A fawn = still has spots , still sucking mommas tit.

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Default RE: Button bucks

Around here? Anywhere a yearling is last year's deer.This year's deer is a fawn.6 month's old would be half a yearling,right?
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Default RE: Button bucks

A yearling is in it's second year while a fawn is less than a year old.Some call fawns yearlings because they don't like to admit killing fawns.In the group I hunt with no-one ever kills a fawn as we only get one tag a year and a fawn is not worth using that tag on.Besides that with any effort at all anyone can kill a mature deer in our area.
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Default RE: Button bucks

Around these parts a fawn is this years hatch and a yearling is last years hatch. The difference between a fawn with spots and one without is only a matter 3-5 weeks, give or take, but its still a fawn.
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