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**Hunting Video**

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Default **Hunting Video**

Got this in an email from a friend. For what it's worth—I wanted to post it anyway to try and help them out.

Some local guys are looking to possibly work on a DIY hunting video. They're' trying to get feedback on what fellow hunters like and/or don't like about hunting shows. My dad got this in an email and I figured I’d help the guys out by posting this and replying to them with the comments.

After seeing what is out there, and seeing a lot of discussion on message boards about hunting shows and videos, a few things came to mind about how to maybe try something different. First, of course we all enjoy watching "Booners" go down, but it's a simple fact that the "typical" setups portrayed in most of the shows and videos we see now are NOT exactly "realistic" for most of us average Joe's. Most of us either can't afford the cost to travel to outfitters or big game ranches to hunt, because you can't get the time off, or can't get "permission" from the boss (i.e. our wives). Many of us hunt "the back 40," the family farm, or even public land, relying on experience and "wisdom" gathered from family and fellow hunters, by reading books and magazines, whatever.

I guess the point is that many (most ?) of us simply don't get to hunt the same types of "spots" we see on most hunting TV shows and videos. What "tactics" may work in those spots may NOT quite work as well in the types of places we hunt.

Anyway, as we "dreamed" about trying to put together "our own" video, we figured it best to get feedback from fellow hunters on what/if they'd like to see in a video.

Our line of thinking is that for many of us, we were drawn to hunting for various reasons that didn't necessarily have anything to do with trophy bucks, etc. Family tradition, time spent with friends and just enjoying watching/hunting game and spending time outdoors was "enough" to interest us in being hunters. With so many things working against us, maybe there was room for doing something "different" as far as entertainment? Maybe "teaching" new hunters a few tips about getting started, or improving? Sharing some "family secrets" that might help our brothers and sisters? Maybe "showing" how people from different areas use different and similar techniques to hunt?

We don't know if we'll even be able to pull it off, but if we could, we'd want to try and do something that would be of interest to fellow hunters, or at least if something "different" would be accepted?

To start off: 1. Would you like to see more "information?" Like how to utilize Topo Maps/aerial photos to "pre-scout." How to read and utilize terrain features? 2. Would you like to see "why" a hunter chose a certain stand site? 3. Tips on calling? 4. Little "secrets" on equipment alterations and setups? 5. Would you be interested in seeing public land hunts? Maybe even some tips on public land hunting? 6. Would you be interested in seeing "fellow hunters" hosting hunts? For example, instead of (given celebrity host) traveling around the country hunting different game and spots, would you rather see them visit "other hunters,” and video the "other hunter" hunting their own hidey-holes? In other words, would you be interested in "seeing hunters like yourself" sharing their own secrets, tactics, etc., while the "visiting host" simply tagged along and let you showcase your skills?

The idea could be to have fellow hunters submit to "host a hunt." They'd get to show off their skills in their own back yard, and they'd be pulling the trigger and/or tripping their release!

I guess the overall question is, would fellow hunters be interested in just "watching hunting,” and maybe more "informational" type stuff, even if the likelihood of a "trophy harvest" was less likely?

Anyway, give it up. Let's see what everyone else thinks!
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

I would be very intrested in a video like that.
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

Sounds WAY better than 99% of the "hunting" shows on TV right now.
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

That is the kind of hunting dvd that I have been looking for since I am very new to this sport and love it!! I would love to learn as much as i could and most of the hunting shows on TV do not give you that much as far as education goes!! Sign me up for a copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

That would sound good, but part of the shows they have these days is that you dream of being there.

I wouldn't care too much for public land hunts, since you might not see a deer or turkey.

I think it would be a flop, since it wouldn't be anything new to us, we would rather watch our hunting videos ofourselves over again, it really wouldn't give any sense of it being new, or interesting.
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

I think self promotion is a no no on here.
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

I think it's what everyone is looking for. The best info show out there now is Deer & Deer Hunting's Show. I saw a clip from this up coming season and it's alot of what you are talking about. Scouting public land and being a hunter ALL YEAR not just when the season comes and you show up to a hunting camp and kill a 140 plus.
Good Luck and check out D&DH tv
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Default RE: **Hunting Video**

I dont think tv and deer hunting should be mixed. all you want to do here is make money. that is the opposite of enjoying the outdoors.
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