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Deer can bite!

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Default RE: Deer can bite!


That was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time, joke or not.

Good story tellin'
I agree ,,,Hilarious!
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

At first i was getting pissed off while reading that, but the end was funny. i dont know what would possess a person to capture a wild animal, pen it up, feed it, then kill it. the amount of stress put on the animal would probably kill it before he had a chance to fatten it up. more ammo for the antis, but its still funny.
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

man that's hilarious
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

haha. that was a good story.

i normally wouldnt read that much for class.... but i was glad i read that one.
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

That was funny.
I bull dogged a couple deer in my life and each time I've had the liveing crapolakicked out of me. I never had a deer actually bite, but I was driving back from a hunting trip and the lady in front of me had a deer run broadside and had knocked it out.I was behind her so I pulled off at the deer and sliced it throat andwe all thought it was dead and they left so I grabbed the deer by the legs and when I did that deer came to life and I was on a ride for my life as it was dragging me down the embankment and I thought for sure this deer was going to go through my grasp and go in the swamps. It had its mouth around my wrist a few times but no actual biteing and after what felt like forever it bleed to death and expelled its last breath in my clutches. I just laid there for a moment and couldn't even move but it was the most unusal hunting trip I had ever been on and I didn't even fire a shot after a 4 day hunt.[&:]

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Default RE: Deer can bite!

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

I don't even know what to say!
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

I think it is funny that the deer is probably still alive and experienced in such matters. As if the deer needed any experience.

I know a guy who got a badly broken nose from a deer he that wasn't completely dead. After he shot the deer, he got the bright idea to take the last little bit of life from the deer, and cut it's throat with his knife. He straddled the deer, and when he grabbed the deers ear, the deer bucked its head and smashed him squarely in the face not once but twice. He said that he didn't hold on much longer, and just laid by a tree wondering if he would die before the deer did. The deer finally bled out from the gun shot and died. Not from a cut to the throat since that didn't happen. He said it was a good thing it wasn't a spike buck.

C. Davis
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Default RE: Deer can bite!

Thats good...... i'll make sure i never try that because it sounds like something i would try to be honest!!!
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