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review on .270

Old 11-30-2002, 11:20 PM
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Default review on .270

ive hunted deer twice with my 30-30 winchester (open sites) and during those hunts i couldnt really get close enough to the game to make a shot that i was sure would land in the kill zone. so im just tryin to get some info on some faster guns for hunting whitetails in open prairie. How do you guys all feel about the .270? Is it a good gun? what is the effective range?

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Default RE: review on .270

i made the switch from a 3030 to a 270 for the same reason, an excelent shooter could make shots at 400 yards and farther but with the 270 i have mine sighted in at 200 and i can shoot a dime at that distance.

its a good gun, make sure you get a good scope
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Default RE: review on .270

wow you must be a good shot

is that with a bipod?

what kind of a scope would you recomend, im young so price is a pretty determining factor in my scope
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Default RE: review on .270

IMO, the 270 is one of the best all around guns there is, As far which scope to choose, well there are several good ones to pick from, but on my hunting rifle I like a fixed power and on most I prefer a 6X.

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Default RE: review on .270

I use a Winchester Model 70 270 and shoot at 50 to 150 yards. She is always dead on, no Kentucky windage needed and the stopping power is tops. I highly recommend the 270. Sinc I am getting older and can't see bolth sights anymore I use a 4 - 9 scope.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: review on .270

I agree with the others, the .270 is a fantastic cartrage. Enough energy to "reach out and touch" your game, with modest recoil.

As far as which rifle, on a budget, I would have to recomend the Savage. From what I have heard and read, it is the best economical shooter out of the box. I personally have a Browning A-Bolt and love it, but it is a bit on the pricey side.

As was mentioned above, get a good scope. Your optics are no place to skimp. If given the choice, I would always take a better scope on a less expensive rifle than the other way around. BTW, you can't go wrong with Leupold.

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Default RE: review on .270

I have a mod. 70 in .270 and I use it to take everything from coyotes to elk. It is an excelent all around caliber. You will be very happy with it.
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Default RE: review on .270

excellent, from what im hearing the .270 is a very good choice. I will still need to look into scopes a bit more though. can anyone tell me how a 30 06 or a .243 compares to the .270 though?
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Default RE: review on .270


The 270win would be an excellent choice for you,no doubt about that but dont limit yourself to one choice only,there are many calibres that may be as good for your needs that may suit you better.

There is the 25-06,270 win,280rem & the 30-06, all based on the 30-06 case,all would be a good choice for you.

There is the 260rem,7mm-08 & 308, all based on the 308 case,all would be good choices,with less reciol & muzzle blast than the 30-06 cases(in general).I particularly like the 7mm-08 as I find it very accurate,easy to shoot & good at longer ranges as well as close in shots.

You could also look at the new 270 winchester short magnum if you think you could use a bit more power.

As for scopes,I like variables around the 3-9x40 size or 2.5-8x40 any bigger than that & you loose field of view which makes finding the target in your scope more difficult & makes those close in shots hard.

The choice of which calibre you buy will probably be influenced by your ammo,weather your going to reload for yourself In which case it wont matter so much but if your gonna buy the ammo check which calibre is most avaliable in the stores & that will probably be 270win,30-06 or 308.

Hope this has been a help & not confused you more.

Good luck in your hunting

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Quick Reply: review on .270

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