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finding a lease...

Old 01-15-2007, 07:16 PM
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Default finding a lease...

jw, how did you guys go about finding alease for hunting land. I have sent hundreds of letters, emails, etc. to different farms, lumber companies, residence etc and cant seem to find any. I havent really road around yet and knocked on doors b/c i just dont know where to start. am i missing something: how did you go about finding some land to lease? thanks alot
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Default RE: finding a lease...

Where do you live?

In Iowa there are several classifieds publications that come to my door and can be picked up at the supermarkets and such that have little listing in them.

Sometimes real estate packets have them at the supermarkets here.

I think you should spend your lease money on some land of your own. Thats just my opinion.
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Default RE: finding a lease...

We found our lease through a paper company here in Minnesota by going to their website. I would consider doing an internet search.
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Default RE: finding a lease...

andrewjoseph - what do youmean by "spend your lease money on land ofyour own" . if that means i shouldnt lease and just buy land, i dont think its realisitc b/c if i lease say, 50 acres for 10/acre, thats 500 a year opposed to a payment being made on bought land, which is, well, alot more than 500/year lol. im only 19 and dont have those kinds of funds yet. if i am misinterpreting your statement, please correct me, thanks alot im just trying to get a darn lease of my own but its sooo hard to find. i guess it will jus take that one time of getting lucky, but i just wish my sending letters, emails etc. would pay off and get me jus a lil chunk of land that i can turn into deer heaven lol. thanks for the advise
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Default RE: finding a lease...

Buying your own land was just part of my advice - I wasnt aware of your age, financial situation, or other circumstances.

All I meant was that if you lived in a farming area where people cash rent their land to farmers, you could buy a chunk of land like 40-80 acres and rent it out. The right piece of land, with a stream in it, or a few fencelines, or timber might auctually make you money by having a farmer pay you to farm on it once a year.

Places where land is cheap, or the crops are good compared to land prices, would make this a good investment as well as be affordaby to anyone like yourself.

I am not rolling in dough, I am a 25 year old carpet layer, but have managed to come up with quite a few acres of good groun to hunt that no one else can step foot on without permission.

I was not trying to be rude, I just think that leasing is very expensive and a drain on money. You dont get to keep anything at the end of the year.

Questions? Post again.

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Default RE: finding a lease...

Put up flyers in the local feedstores where you would like to hunt. Just about every farmer in the area will be in there at some time or another.Thats how I got my lease.
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Default RE: finding a lease...

yea thats a good idea andrew, didnt think of it. of course i would have to have a farmer that is willing to rent the land before i purchase it. is it hard to find land to buy? i hope its easier than finding land to lease lol. holidayhunter - thats agood idea and i have tried it, I drove about 2 hours away and stopped in ever feed store there and posted a flyer lol. with no luck. im gonna keep on trying becuase it only takes one time in order to get that peice of heaven, but i guess we will see. thanks for the advise guys, and andrew, i didnt take your comment as rude at all.
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Default RE: finding a lease...

I dont know becuase i am having the same problem. I can not find none at all.
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Default RE: finding a lease...


best of luck
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Default RE: finding a lease...

I went to the tax office and looked for large tracts of land and got the guys name and number. Then I drove out and looked at the land. The 230 acres I got looked like it used to be farmed on and was just going to waste. I called the guy and he said he never thought about leasing it but would like to meet me. We met and I ended up leasing it last year. He was happy with the way we treated the land and cleaned up some of the trash folks had been throwing there for the past few years. He offered to lease it to us for 99 years if we wanted.

The reason I went to the tax office is in this area farmers are quitting. This area was overrun with tobacco farmers and each year many more give it up and don't know what to do with the land. I give them an option they may not have considered and I try to give them the option before anyone else does.

This has worked 3 times for me out of 5. 1 the guy gave the land to his family to start a strawberry farm and the other one I didn't get, the guy sold it off.
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