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Opinion on sidearm caliber.

Old 12-26-2006, 07:12 AM
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Default Opinion on sidearm caliber.

I have had a 9mm for a very long time and I really do love it for a home protection weapon.

However, with me venturing into hunting I am wanting to get something with a little more knock down power.

I'm really not thinking of getting a sidearm for hunting (at least not now) just something that I could use if I happen to run into a bear or something.

So I was curious as to recommendations for caliber. So far I'm looking into a .44, .45 or even a .50. Cost will be a factor but leaving that aside, what would everyone recommend and why.

Thank you.
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

I would recomend the .45 I have shot 1911 models and other ACP pistols. It has the knockdown power that you need, and it is a large bullet with plenty of mass. 9mm are great, but a charging wounded bear or large deer would require more. You can get some nice pistols in .45 ACP for a reasonable price. Kimber arms makes some great pistols in .45
"If you cant get it done with a .45...you cant get it done" Check these out. I have shot some of these, and they are great.

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Old 12-26-2006, 08:42 AM
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

Different states have different requirements for handgun hunting. If you think you may want to use your sidearm for that purpose you need to look into bbl length and caliber requirements. For instance, here in Maryland a .44 Mag w a six inch bbl is the minimum caliber & bbl that is legal for hunting deer. These restrictions would rule out most semi autos. Besides, wheel guns rock!
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

I'm fairly positive that I dont' want it for hunting but rather for protection but then again I suppose if a buck were to pop out of some thick brush right in front of me I would want to be able to draw and get it so I probably should check into requirements for handgun hunting here. Thanks for the tip I hadn't thought of that.

Anyone else have anything to share about calibers for this?
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Old 12-26-2006, 09:07 AM
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

I have 3,
1. H&K USP 40 semi
2. S&W Sigma 40 semi
3. S&W 422 22 cal (the plinker)

If I had any intensions of shooting a deer I'd go with a 44mag with a 6-8 inch barrel. I sot a deer in the 1st handgun season Illinois ever had and used a Ruger GP100 357. I killed a deer at 15 yardsbutthe 357was undersized as far as my opinion. Illinois has done away with the "handgun" season and now calls it the late firearm season where you can use handgun, shotgun, or black powder.
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

if you're concerned about stopping something in it's tracks, the bigger the better. but to quote my dad, he said something to the effect of "the .45 ain't no sniper weapon. it's meant to drop somebody on their face at close range as a last resort. if that chunk of lead hits you, you're going down." he was referring to the army's use of it.

i personally just take a browning buckmark 22 lr. this is just incase i have to finish off a dying deer and can get a close range shot behind the ear so i won't to use another expensive rifle round. i've never had to do this and hopefully never do, but just in case... plus it's fun to hunt small game with.

but, then again, there are no bear here or any other animal that would really attack aside from an aggro dog. the only dangers i really face in the woods are idiot hunters so my money would be better put in a bullet proof vest
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

.44 Mag
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

I'm with the Hog onthis one - 44 mag would be the easiest deal to me w/o question.

You can practice (and even use) 44 special ammo to save some $ andthere is an endless choice of 44 mag ammo offerings to meet any needs.
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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

I like the .45 ACP 1911 (and their copies/variants). They are legendary, accurate, well balanced, and are available everywhere. Some are excellent, some are good, and some are not that good and prone to jamming with anything except 230gr "ball" (i.e. lesser known foreign copies).

The .45ACP 1911 is also incredibly easy to disassemble for cleaning. Heck, even I can do it! No tools required! I can totally break down my Para Ordnance P13 (Colt Commander copy 1911) into 5 pieces in a matter of seconds.

The other thing about the .45ACP.... What ever you hit with it, will go down and will stay down. The stopping power is legendary and the recoil is not bad at all.

Butch A.

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Default RE: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

.45 cal. Knockem' down!!!
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Quick Reply: Opinion on sidearm caliber.

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