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age old question

Old 12-19-2006, 09:45 PM
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Default age old question

ok i am 23 yr old male. I hunt with a 20 guage Ithaca deerslayer model 37
Am i wrong for huntin with a 20 guage or should i go up to a 12? I can handle a 12 easily but my 20 guage is already set up for me and i like the weight. I can walk circles around most of the guys i hunt with and drop a deer just as fast. They keep givin me slack about it . What do you guys think?
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Default RE: age old question

If your not having any problems why switch. But a 12 is definately a step up in power, just in diameter alone it will leave bigger holes.
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Default RE: age old question

Nothing wrong with the 20 gauge, like zrex said, if you want more power then go to the 12 gauge.
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Default RE: age old question

stay with the 20
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Default RE: age old question

Go with the 12. I'll give you $50 for that Ithaca .
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Default RE: age old question

Ive seen some 20 gauges that will put a deer down faster and a .308 or 30-06, my wifes cousin has a remington 20 gauge, he drops deer at 100 yards with the little bugger.
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Default RE: age old question

One of the two deer I shot last year fell to a 20 gage Charles Daly pump smoothbore loaded with an old fashioned Foster slug , he died just as dead as the one I got with my .54 muzzy . Years from now when their shoulders hurt too much to fire a shotgun anymore because of their "bigger is better" attitude you'll be able to smile at them as you head for the woods .
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Default RE: age old question

Depends on how dead you want the deer....
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Default RE: age old question

If it works, it works, but...

You're limiting yourself. Maybe not directly for your hunting situation, but a 12 would let you take longer shots and the slug is a little better at staying the course if it comes in contact with brush.
Reasons for my statement are; More gun powder in the 12, you could use a lighter slug and increase your distance. Brush does effect all projectiles, but, statistics have shown that the heavier the projectile and the blunter the tip, the better off you are if you were to come in contact with brush either on purpose or inadvertently.

I've never shot a deer with a 20 so I can't form an opinion either way. I do know that the 12 slug will fall below the 1200 (minimum standard for many) foot pounds of energy at around 75 to 100 yards and I would have to guess that the 20 would be significantly lower when compared to a given distance. Speed x weight = energy.

I can say this - I've never had a deer go more than 30 yards after being hit with a 1 oz Winchester Super X out of a 12.

Good luck,
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Default RE: age old question

I have only hunted deer with a shotgun with slugs so here is my opinion. If your confortable with your 20 and have confidence in it don't change because of "peer pressure". I own a 12 gauge but I have all the confidence in the world in my 1187 and to me thats the most important.
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Quick Reply: age old question

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