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First Kansas Deer

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Default First Kansas Deer

Brought this buck home this weekend from hunting up in SEK on my family's land for the first time. Kid shot a 190/200 buck across the road from where I shot this one. I was set up underneath some big double electric poles in a field that had beans cut off of it. Was going to shoot a doe for my father in law as it was getting dark. Young forked horn buck shows up and hangs out then some doe's step out about 30 minutes before shooting light was up. 15 minutes later 4 or 5 more does/fawns step out onto the field. See a 8 point moving along the hedge row, but was a young deer and not a shooter. All of a sudden about 10 minute until shooting light was up my brother and I look back over our shoulder and 18 deer are behind us all does and fawns, and more are coming from in front of us over the fence onto the field. Had 8-10 from 7 to 15 yards of us. Had the video camera out, but it has horrible viewing without adequate light. Got quite a few on video. Picking out a big doe to shoot, and my brother says theres a buck. He was under 35 yards out. Another body steps out of the trees behind him. Around 25 yards behind him. Deer walks on by us and I decide to take him. Light was getting low and it was cloudy. Shot him and he ran about 10 yards forward and standed hunched up for about 2 minutes. Then turned and dropped. Couldn't get a real good look at the second deer, but he came forward and was about 50 yards out. Put the scope on him and saw that he was as big as this deer if not bigger. My brother put it on his neck because of the angle, and shot. Boom, missed him completely. Deer ducks and runs back into the woods. Same brother that shot a doe in Oklahoma in the head at 280 yards a week before (same gun). He looked at me and was shaking like a scared kid. He had never seen or shot a live buck that size in his life. Neither had I though. Had over 40 deer all within 200 yards up to 7 yards from us when all this happened. My trail cam that night took 80 pictures of deer in a 14 hour period. I'll have more pics up on the website of my familys property tomorrow.

Good Hunting

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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

sweet bro, thats a very nice deer
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

Nice buck, congrats
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

What a bad a$$ buck!
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

That's a nice buck, way to go.
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

Congrats! Great buck.
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

bad arse sir. very nice deer. I saw some that size jus in the country east of were you were, however, they were off the highway by town, no such luck. congrats.
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

sweet buck... You guys have snow down there already??
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Default RE: First Kansas Deer

Yeah, the Snow hit a week after Thanksgiving and it stuck. Had quite a bit of ice prior to that also. Had some 5 degree mornings. But not it has melted off as of today and is back in the 60s for the week. Midwest weather.
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