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Beginning hunter needs advice

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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

.30-.30 Marlin with a 2x7 power Burris Fulfield II scope, Hornady leverevolution ammo, muck boots, weatherby wool camo coat and bibs, cotton and wool socks, any camo shirt and pants, bachleva, blaze stocking cap, blaze vest, a small back pack for carrying essentials, hand and toe warmers, buck call (optional), 2 diet cokes, some beef jerky, trail mix and something to read.
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

I know that I will take some slack for saying this, but I do not advise the .243 rem. Don't get me wrong, its a great little gun, minimal kick and will kill a whitetail just fine. But my personal feeling is I would suggest a .260 rem. or a 7mm-08. I personally shoot a Browning BLR .284 win. It has been an excellent gun for me. I've never lost a deer with it (very few heve even ran 10 yds). My only complaint is that it is not the easiest gun to find ammo for. Its my understanding thatit is quite simmilar to the 7mm-08 (which is more common). Basically the only difference is the neck shoulder of the casing is steeper on the .284 giving it a little more punch.Most important is shot placemnt. But, I think the calibers with a little more punch can in some cases put a deer down a little quicker, and in the unfortunate event of a not so perfect shot, a little more power can sometimes help.I also hunt with a shotgun, bow and flint lock M/L. depending on the season and the state.
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

get a good skinning knife... a buck fixed blade will do the trick.

a good pair of rubber boots. it is a must for them to well insulated. camo or black

camo cloths.
and my all time favorite. a face mask, nothing has gotten me spotted by deer more then not wearing one.

and for a gun, go with a 243.
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

If your name is Tiffany, why does your picture say Chelsea?
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

ORIGINAL: ipscshooter

If your name is Tiffany, why does your picture say Chelsea?
shes multi talented
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

Get yourself, a Stevens Model 200 Rifle in .243 Caliber, with a 4-12x40 Bushnell Sportsman Scope.
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

Chelsea is what people call me, but my birth name is Tiffany =]. Thetaxidermist I am working for recommended a .30-.06 (probably wrote that wrong - I know!). Anyone have complaints for that rifle? Where's the cheapest place to purchase hunting garbs? I have Bass Pro nearby but they are terribly expensive for me.
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

hold up a 30-06 is too much gun for a small lady ,,im sure he ment a 30-30 ,,,but a 243 win ,,is just fine,,for a small lady with pretty eyes ..
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

a .30-06 would work just fine. I personally feel its a little more than you need, but alot of people use them. What action are you looking for (bolt, lever, pump, ect.)? The .30-06 is considered a long action cartridge meaning you need to have a longeraction throw. another excellent long action option is a .270. My Dad has used one for 30 years ansd has never had a complaint. as I mentioned above I use a .284 (which is a short action cartridge). My recomendation to you would be to find a gun you like, and that fits youin a price range you can live with. And try to find it in either a .260 rem, 7mm-08, .284 win, .308, .270, .280, or even a .30-06. Any of those would be an excellent choice. And there are many, many other options that would work just fine.
As for finding cheap hunting stuff, good luck.... Its all to expensive... But really, I'd possibly look for a good used gun, and basically watch for sales. You want to make sure thatthe apparelyou buy is at least ofdecent quality because being cold and wet can make it very hard to stay out and keep hunting. Near where I live, most of the sporting goods stores will be putting on end of the season sales right after xmas. That can be a great time to pick up a few items.
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Default RE: Beginning hunter needs advice

I say a .25-06 would be the perfect gun for deer hunting.
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Quick Reply: Beginning hunter needs advice

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