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Mom's first deer!

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Default Mom's first deer!

I took my mom on her first hunt last night, I have to say, I wasn't quite sure how things were going to work out because my mom just doesn't seem to know how to whisper. She was so loud in everything she said to me, but I wanted her to enjoy herself, so I just let her jabber.

About 4:15 or so, she says, "Here comes one!" I hadn't even seen it as I was glassing the other side of the field at the time.It came out of the woods to our left and was about 80 yards out or so. I had already determined, although I have yet to fill a tag myself, that no matter *what* came out, she was getting the shot, so I handed her the muzzleloader. She was very hesitant and wouldn't take it from me, she says, "It's too far out, I can't make that shot!" I reassured her she could, but she wasn't feeling comfortable. I was thinking, this deer is NOT going to walk right in front of us and get away with it, so I asked her, "Do you want me to shoot it?" She says "Yes, shoot it!" I said, Mom, you can make that shot! She says, no, it's too far. (only 70 yards at this point or so)

Just as I was raising the gun, he turned and started at an angle towards us, to about 50 yards or so. I gave the gun back to mom and I said, Mom, you can make this shot, get him in the scope. She took the gun, and as only a new, inexperienced, and clumsy hunter can, lol, she set it on the shooting rail and tried to get comfortable, which for her was hard since we found out when we took her to shoot that she is left eye dominant. She insisted while at the range she could do it with her right eye, so we had her practice that way. As he was walking at a fairly quick pace, he got to her opening and I asked her if she wanted me to stop him, knowing that once he got on the other side of the tree in front of me, she wasn't going to have a shot. No answer. I repeated myself and she says Yeah, stop it. I bleated, he stopped. For quite some time mind you, but no shot. He started walking again, and I only had about 3 yards or so to work with before he was out of her opening. I asked if she wanted me to stop him again... yeah, do it again. I bleated, he stopped, and she then resituates herself on the gun, I noticed she looked a little uncomfortable, but knew she was struggling with that right eye. Bang! Smoke clears, deer kicks, tail down, slowly makes his way away from us.

Because of the smoke blowing directly in front of my face, it was hard to see everything, but I was sure she had hit him by the way he reacted. Other than the tail down though, his actions weren't very indicative of a hit... I watched him until I couldn't see him anymore (very tall weeds, deer get lost easily in it to the human eye). I marked where I saw him last in my mind and I looked at Mom who was holding her hand over her mouth. Immediately after the shot, I said YOU HIT HIM!! I didn't realize she hadn't replied. She said... "I knocked my tooth out!" I said, WHAT!?! I didn't see any blood coming from her hand, but she says, it fell onto my hand after I shot the gun. I said, no way, she said, yes, Baby, it's gone, all of it! I thought she was going to cry... I tried so hard not to, but I started laughing, and thankfully she started laughing with me, still covering her mouth.

She says, Oh, it's bad, this is bad. I was like, but you hit the deer, I think he's down. She says, Oh, he's down, so is my tooth... on the ground somewhere! I know it doesn't seem like it was comical, but she has a good sense of humor, I knew she was mortified, and scared, but she was laughing with me. We both laughed so hard we were crying, and she finally showed it to me... yep, she knocked almost her entire front tooth out. [&o][] We sat up there about 5 minutes, trying to regroup, her lip was bleeding a little, I'm sure her mouth hurt like you know what.

We climbed down, I checked for blood... (the deer's that is), none. I told her to hold on a minute while I reloaded the muzzleloader. Explained to her that you really don't want to approach a shot animal without your weapon available. Well, she took off looking for him anyway... She started walking right to where we saw him last. By the time I got the gun loaded, and started walking to her, she says, THERE HE IS, and there'sanother deer behind you! I was like, WHAT? Turned around and there was a doe running about 40 yards to my left that took off across the field. Nothing I could do, just watched her bound away. Got up to him, checked him... he's down, you got him!

I rolled him over to check where she shot him, perfect shot, right in the boiler room. He had only gone 80 yards at the most before he went down. I called Shane to tell him, and he says, let me call Chris to come help you guys get him out. He asked me if I was really serious when I said I could gut a deer. I said yes, I can do it, I've watched you do it a few times. We walked back to the truck, grabbed the hatchet and knife, drove over to the other side of field, trying to shorten up the drag a little, but I ended up parking right in the muddy tracks of the tractors on an embankment/drive going into the field. Shane couldn't get in touch with Chris, who lives over an hour away anyway, so we had to call my mom's best friend's husband. He was there within 10 minutes, mom waited for him at the truck. As they got to me, I was in the process of gutting, trying to find my way around the insides of this deer. Dick helped a little, although he had never gutted one either.

Then comes the part of getting him to the truck. OH MY! We had 130 yards of weeded set aside field, a decently steep ditch to go down, through, and back up, about 80 yards of woods, and another 200 yards of plowed corn field to the truck. We have a deer cart, got us to the ditch, then the wheel broke off at the ditch and Mom and Dick had to drag him the rest of the way to the edge of the cornfield. That was an absolute disaster, a 56 year old woman with a broken tooth, lol, and a 61 year old man... accompanied by an 8 month pregnant woman! Wow, what a trip. We got to the edge of the corn field and I decided I'd drive my truck across the field, there was NO WAY they were gonna make the drag all of the way across, they were both dead tired. I almost got stuck numerous times in the field, even in 4wd, but we did it. It took us 3 hours, but we did it all on our own!

I know the story was long, but this is definitelyahunt to be remembered. I thought for SURE this was the end of my mom ever hunting again, but she is already talking about next year. I assured her it is much easier when Shane is in commission, he knows the woods like the back of his hand and can gut a deer in 10 minutes!

She ended up with a nice 2 year old buck with very bad genetics, as it only has one antler, which had two points. She was hoping for a big buck I think, but I assured her the trophy lies in the animal, and that I would have taken that deer in a heartbeat if she wasn't there to shoot it, and I have seen so many HUGE bucks this year, but it isn't about the antlers! She's happy, I'm elated, and I am sooooo proud of her!
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

Great story!

Sorry about her tooth.

Congrats to Mama!

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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

Thank you! I'm sorry about her tooth too, what a miserable first hunt... I'd have been REALLY bummed if she had missed the deer after all that! I think she woulda been ruined on hunting!

Anyway, it turned out good, she was in much better spirits when she called me last night! [&:]
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

Great story and congrats!
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

Congratulations to your mom.....what a first hunt. Sorry about her tooth....it's not funny, but it is. She will always remember this hunt.
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

Sorry to here about the tooth but its sounds like you had a memorable hunt.pics?

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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

that was a good story. the kind you like to hear.
that will be one you and yourmother will never
for get. good job both of you!!!
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

good story and congrats to her (sorry bout her tooth)
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

B.H.girl., that is such a great hunting story ., i loved it other then your mom lost her tooth ., (sorry).,like someone else said ,those are the kind of hunting storys you like to read ., thank you for the hunt(cause in my mind i was there with you ).,
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Default RE: Mom's first deer!

Haha, that is too funny! Glad you guys had fun!
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Quick Reply: Mom's first deer!

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