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Default treestands

How many of you leave your stands hang all year long? I hunt family owned ground so getting them stolen shouldnt happen. The manufacture says dont leave stands hang all year long. Gee I have alot of stands be alot of work taking them down then putting them back up 8 months later.
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Default RE: treestands

I leave my ladder stands out all year.
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Default RE: treestands

The biggest thing is the wear & tear, & sun damage on the straps & cables. At the least I would restrap it to the tree with something else so you can loosen the primary one & check the condition of the webbing & pieces parts. Definatly wouldn't want to crawl up into it without having your safety line already attatched to the tree. You are shortining the lifespan of the stand and risking injury by doing this.
Having said that I wasn't able to go bow hunting this year and just took down a stand from last season a couple weeks ago& still have another one hanging on a tree. The one I did take down had a nice foam seat covered in camo canvas. Now I have 1/2 of a foam covered seat with no canvas. #[email protected]^ Squirles.
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Default RE: treestands

I leave my ladder stands out all year long. I have one ladder stand that has been out for 4 years now. All I do is check the straps to make sure they are secure. My other stand is a climber and I take it with me every time I get done hunting for the day, unless I am going out the next day and hunting the same tree. I also hunt on private land, so I don't worry about having my stands stolen.
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Default RE: treestands

i leave ladder stands and lock-on up all year long, hump my climbers out
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Default RE: treestands

Leave the ladders in the woods and take the climbers out.
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Default RE: treestands

Take mine out every year, I would hate to climb into an unsafe stand that has rusted cables or straps, but I guess thats why we wear safety harness.
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Default RE: treestands

I'll hang my stands up in Sept. and then take them down in Jan. , I hunt on public land so I can't leave them up all year long.
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Default RE: treestands

We have some ladder stands that have been in the same tree for over 10 years. Too much work to move them, although we had a couple stolen a couple of years ago.
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Default RE: treestands

I havea tree climer and leave it out all season. I also take the chance of having it stolen because I hunt ona nursery.
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