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Will coyotes?

Old 11-04-2006, 05:53 PM
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Default Will coyotes?

Will coyotes kill a deer?
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

yes!..and so will a house dog if everything fell into place.
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

coyotes have a great sense of smell.they'll team up and taken a small deer out.
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

well yes! htat is one of their main predators! whenever we see a coyote in our hunting club we take them down.
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

Seen it happen, its sad to watch but part of life.
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

Yes, and not just small deer either! Here they have even killed a few small moose. One of those was a spike and it wieghs around 450lbs. They travel and watch the deer day and night for the right chance to take one out.
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

on our huntin ground we have all encountered alot of coyote, but each one traveling alone. we have never encountered them in a group or pack. on oct 7th my boyfriend was hunting what we call "the dark stand" and had another hunter on the adjacent property run 4 does in on him.there was a coyote bout 40 yards away near the green field but the deer did not spook. the coyote did not bother them and the deer did not worry that the coyote was even there.lee was able to take one of the does. the coyote left the area before the other three deer.so my question is will a single coyote attack a single full grown deer?i know they will attack in packs, but what if they are alone?
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

Dang coyote will take and eat anything they get a chance to kill.
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

Yes they will take out Mature buck as well! They'll run them for a long while and tire them out then attack! I had a pack of 11 come thru 2 weeks back, I was able to call in a Blonde one and take it with my Bow!
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Default RE: Will coyotes?

Coyotes are opportunistic predators. Healthy adult deer have little to worry about from coyotes, even a pack of coyotes. One swift kick to the jaw or leg is fatal to the coyote, so they will look for an easier meal elsewhere. However, if the deer is young, sick, or injured, a single coyote or a pack of coyotes may decide to attack. Or they may decide to run the deer a little bit. If they run the deer and the deer still looks like it could put up a formidable defense, they will leave it be and check on it later. If the deer tires quickly, they will attack.

The large the pack, the more likely they are to attack larger and healthier prey. Single coyotes will only attack very young or very weak animals. Packs will attack animals that to us may show little to no visible signs of weakness.
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