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Sent Containers

Old 11-02-2006, 06:13 AM
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Default Sent Containers

Anyone ever try the Sent Lok Containers? If you did, do they work?
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Default RE: Sent Containers

I'm a cheap a$$. I made my own. I got a big plastic tote from Wally World and put a couple of freshearth dryer sheets in it. When my clothes come out of the dryer they go into the tote. I put the clothes on when I get to where I hunt. When I'm done I take off my outer layer and spray it down with fresh earth cover scent and it goes back into the container. I keep my back pack, fanny pack, hats, gloves, neck gator, face mask, and 3D
leaf suit in it. It all stays in the car. The scent lock ones are way too high $$ for me.
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Old 11-02-2006, 06:55 AM
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Default RE: Sent Containers

I am cheap to. I use the new zip loc bags that are like 3 ft by 2 ft. with wafers and put in a big plastic tub.
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Old 11-02-2006, 07:09 AM
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Default RE: Sent Containers

I do both things that Parrot Head and Nohillbilly do. I can't justify spending the $$$ on scentlok items of any kind.
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Old 11-02-2006, 10:55 AM
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Default RE: Sent Containers

Me too...I just use one of those $5 tubs with a lid Wal-Mart sells then sprinkle baking soda over them each time I take them in and out. The cheap stuff keeps things just as scent-free.
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Default RE: Sent Containers

Me too, i take a big plastice tub and then put a layer of clothes then some scent killer with a scent wafer and then another layer and so on, i cant see spending what 75$ on a "ScentLock" container, when my concocksion works just fine
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Default RE: Sent Containers

I store them in a trash bag during the off-season then in mid to late August I hang them out in my backyard over a branch in the tree by my deck and let mother nature do the rest. After each hunt I hang em on that same branch unless it's going to rain then I just put them in a trash bag with dirt and leaves from the woods untill I go out again. Nothing better than smelling like the outdoors.
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Default RE: Sent Containers

I just buy the big rubbermaid tubs from target and wash them out with scentfree laundry detergent. Let em dry and throw about a dozen "dry" (so they won't rot) leaves in the bottom and then one of those arm and hammer boxes of scent absorber baking soda.

So far no problems, but nothing that goes against my skin like long underwear or t shirts and such goes back in the container, it all gets washed scent free and stuck back in after it dries.
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Default RE: Sent Containers

Rubbermaid tubs and the big zip-lock bags for storage are great. I also use dead down wind detergent which seems to eliminate any scent.
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Default RE: Sent Containers

I do all of the above that everyone else has mentioned. Scent-lock tubs?? How does it get any more scent free than a rubbermaid tub with leaves, scent wafers, etc...?? Air molecules carrying scent can't get in the tub whether it has a rubbermaid label on it or a Scent-Lok label on it.[:-] Keep your clothes washed in scent free detergent on a regular basis, use scent killer spray, store your clothes in rubbermaid tubs, and save your money.
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