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deer meat ok ??

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Default deer meat ok ??

ok guys shot a dear late one night could not find it it the dark looked for about a hour till 8 pm deer went intobriarthicket could hardly walk intemp has in the 30s that nightin the 50s about noonwhen i got home from work about 60 found deerat 4pm in a shady area out of the sun. deer meat didnt smell bad or when i gutted the deer . no flys around deer what are the things you look forto tell if meat is bad i when ahead and cut up meat and put in freezer and meat smelled find. do you yall think the meat is ok
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

I don't know. Thats a little long for my taste. No pun intended. If the deer was bloated in any way, I wouldn't eat it. I found a deer8 hours later before on a 70 degree day, and I just wouldn't risk it. He was already little blew up.

If you said you found him directly the next morning, I would have ate it, but in the 60's? No way.
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

I would agree with BC. If the temps stayed below ,I say 35-40, he would probably be OK. but the 60's, not this guy!
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

Problem is body temperature stayed in keeping the carcass much warmer then the outside temperature, essentially not cooling fast enough. Meat rots from the bone out and it can take a while for smell to unmask itself. I agree with the other unfortunately on this one and wouldn't be eating it.
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

Ditto. 60 degree temps all afternoon with the guts still in is too much. Would you eat a steak if it was left on the counter for almost a day?
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

If you opened him up and didnt smell bad if you get him home skin him out smell the meat, you shoudl be able to tell if its bad. Id say if froze good the nite before and was in ashade you should be alright. Get that hide off and youll be able to tell more.

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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

if the smell is like wintergreen! It doesn't mean that was in his diet! Stay Away!!!
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

I would be careful on that one. The horns might even be bad so I suggest you take them off a send them to me for further investigation.....LOL. But seriously, I would be very cautious.
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

i would have to say if you found it that morning ., then yes it would be ok., but 60 degree i dont think so .,
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Default RE: deer meat ok ??

ORIGINAL: pond50
looked for about a hour
This is why, when you can't go back in the morning, you must look more that night!! I would never give up on deer after an hour!!!! A flashlight is a handy tool!!!! Even if you need to go eat and regroup!!
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Quick Reply: deer meat ok ??

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