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Rattling In.

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Default Rattling In.

What's best for rattling. Should i get the rattling bag, or the artificial antlers. Any suggestions.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

My dad uses real antlers from a 8 with the brow tines (?) cut off so he doesn't smash his knuckles up. I use a rattle bag if I sit by myself (rarely). Haven't noticed any real difference in the success.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

No doubt use real horns, you use them to make mock rubbing sounds on trees, beat on the ground and make a ruckuss on brush. Just like a real deer.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

I agree with zrexpilot
If you can use real shed antlers ( nothing like the real thing ) most bags have wooden dowles and the fake antlers are hard plastic they just don't sound real.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

For the most part, the only time the bag is better than the real thing is when you're sitting in a tree,especially whenyou don't have much cover or there's a deer nearby that might bust you. The bag is much easier to use in a stealthy manner.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

Use real antlers from a 8 or 10 point.Much more realistic and cheaper
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Default RE: Rattling In.

I have used the bag with some success but I would prefer to have a set of real ones. There is something about the real thing that I must have. I gave my nephew a shed I was going to use this year and like most things with 8 yr. old kids......he cant seem to find it! I am at a cross roads but I think I will go back to the bag. Remember soft is better than a train reck!
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Default RE: Rattling In.

Real antlers have a slight smell. That makes all the difference in the world sometimes.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

I have had success with the rattling bag. Easy to carry and not as dangerous as antlers. Having a good buck doe ratio is really the key. If there is competition then they will come in to almost anything that sounds like 2 bucks sparring. I stamp and break some brush to simulate the actual fight. Having good wind control is key. They will usually come in from down wind so they often will bust you without you even knowing it worked.
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Default RE: Rattling In.

I thought if you were useing sheds or even a rack from an old kill that the tone of the antlers changed with time adn that you had to get a fresh set or soak them in water or something else like that.....and as a result it was better to use the plastic ones that imitatied the real tone?
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Quick Reply: Rattling In.

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