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.30-06 springfield question

Old 10-18-2006, 12:47 PM
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Default .30-06 springfield question

I just recently bought a rifle that uses 30-06 springfield ammo. i have been looking for what kind to buy? any suggestions? aslo, what is all the 150grain, 165grain, ect and which grain should i use?

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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

Alot depends upon what you plan on shooting with it.
If you plan on using this gun for whitetail deer, then any 30-06 ammo will do the job. You can take down a whitetail with a lot smaller caliber.
The 150 gr., 160 gr. stuff is the size/weight of the bullet, the part that actually hits the animal.
Like I said, any factory ammo; Remington, Federal, Winchester, etc will do fine, and any bullet size in 30-06 is more than sufficient to kill a whitetail. The most common weights are probably 160-180 gr.
Now if you are going after larger game like bear, elk, etc, I would do a little research and be more selective about the type of bullet I chose.
Having said all that, don't go and buy some military fmj ammo for hunting. That stuff is fun to shoot and ok for varmit but not legal or good for deer hunting.
Hope that helps a little.
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

The best thing to do is buy a few boxes of different types and grains of ammo and see what the gun likes best. The bullet grain refers to the weight of the bullet. I have a Rem. 742 that shoots 180 PSP Rem. corelokts good, but won't group very well with the same bullet in 165 or 150 grains.Go figure!

I suggest buying a box of rem. corelokts, winchester super X power points,and federal nosler partitions in either 150, 165, or 180 grains. And, use whatever groups best with your gun.
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

I think anythinglarger than150 grain is over kill for white tail deer.
What kind of rifle is it? Bolt action, autoloader, etc?

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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

ORIGINAL: Criggster

I suggest buying a box of rem. corelokts, winchester super X power points,and federal nosler partitions in either 150, 165, or 180 grains. And, use whatever groups best with your gun.
I completely agree. Definitely go with the brand that you feel most comfortable. But if all you are hunting for is deer i think 150 or 165 is more then enough anything higher and youll have a gapping hole in the other side of the animal. If you are hunting for larger animals i suggest 180grain. They do the job just fine and they dont do too much damage either. As for the best type of people i like the Boat Tails and the Partitions but thats me and each guy will have his own preference.
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

I use 150 grain Winchester Power Points or Remington Corelokts. Both group so close you can't really tell which is better. But try a box of each and if the results are not satisfactory with either try another brand and send me the corelokts and power points and I'll pay you for them. Good luck.

Scott Woody
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

Experiment With a few differnt boxes, get a feel for the rifle and then choose your ammo based on results generally all the over the counter 150,165 grain loads are good for deer in the .30-06.
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

You've been given sound advice already[8D]. If you just bought it then buy more and just plink with it...... get to know the rifle and enjoy. I'm sure you'll be satisfied. I've never had any problems with 150hornady SP (flatbase) if that helps but your gun will tell you what load to shoot.
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

bass711...got it??..good!

What brand rifle.....some may be considered junk by FORUM standards
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Default RE: .30-06 springfield question

remington core lokts shoot great out of my dads springfield
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