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Default High tech hunting

I write for an outdoor newspaper in Ga. I am interested in just how much the average hunter uses his computer to help him or her in his efforts. Ifany otherhigh tech devices that work with your computer are used, I would love to hear about them.
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Default RE: High tech hunting

duckz, I use my computer to view the pictures from my Cuddeback trail camera. I will also use it when I purchase a GPS unit, I want to try and map out some of the major deer trails and overlap them somehow using the computer.
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Default RE: High tech hunting

Ninety percent of my usage comes from studying others' ideas on forums like these; notice I did say "studying"... because there's a lot of useless information here, too. Once you've been around a while and can differentiate the "playas" from the true woodsmen and the expert hunters, there's a wealth of knowledge to be gained in places like this.
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Default RE: High tech hunting

Use it everyday if you include surfing forums such as this. I also use it to viewmapping both topo and aerial photos. Iusethe PC to set GPS coord's. and up load to my handheld GPS unit to help me drive to the right spot. Once there, I set my location points so I can return.

Basiclly, this time of year everday doing my homework when I am not scouting in the field, patiently waiting for huntin season.

I set up a web site in my spare time this winter to help fellow Kansas hunters with the 1,000,000 acres of free public hunting we have. These are not your typical public hunting areas around the lakes. These 2,500 different hunting areas are scattered across the state. They might contain 40 acres or 1,000 acres. Kinda hard to find and very expensive to drive to these days. I linked 2005 color aerial photographs to each of these areas.
I sell a annual membership to the site. I priced it cheap so the everday guy could afford it.

So, "High tech hunting" yep, It's me.
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Default RE: High tech hunting

Forums, weather, ideas about lunar predictions, then lunar events including full moon, new moon, first/third quarter, harvest moon, hunters moon, etc.... Also new technologies with archery, new sites, rests, whatever. I also use them for my game cameras. Then ebay to find new gadgets and whatnot......its endless really.
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Default RE: High tech hunting

In addition to the above named usages it is so much easier to purchase items you want/hear about. You can get hands on information from hunters that actually have tried the items. A lot of time I will want/need an item, including clothing, that isn't available in the small town I live in and Ican get it online and at competetive prices delivered tomy door. Its surprising how much we buy online, it seems the UPS truck stops two or three times a week.
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Default RE: High tech hunting

I will be studying and learning about deer until I die. It is my number one hobby, passion, obsession etc. I use every means available to accomplish this.
So there I was, Nov 12th 1996, flying down the highway, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, windows down for scent control.
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