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Dragging the deer out

Old 08-09-2006, 05:24 AM
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Default Dragging the deer out

What's the best non-motorized way of dragging a deer out of the woods? I've seen various straps/carts/gadgets, what works best?
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I think all these gadgets are just that... gadgets; and for the average hunter are not needed. Just grab the deer by the anters and drag him out. I've dragged fairly decent sized bucks a good distance before using this method.

Larry Benoit once said, "The tough part is finding a big buck. The easy part is dragging him out." or something like that. CI could probably correct me if I misquoted Larry.

Good luck.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

yes sir,
biggest gadget I use is a rope loop, kind of like those "deer drag" things you see in most hunting stores, but I only use it to ease some of the pressure of pulling with one arm only. It's just to allow me to better use my own body weight and strength to drag it along while holding on to the antlers or holding a small loop around a doe's neck.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I use a cheap flat bottomed plastic toboggan style snow sled , it's long enough to keep the whole deer off of the ground , provides a smooth bottom to reduce drag , and keeps dirt off of the carcass . Much easier than dragging a "sticky" carcass on the bare ground . It was $8 at WM .
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I have a hunters safety system (vest/safety harness) and it comes with a built in deer drag. I most always use my 4 wheeler or truck but, it is a good back up plan. It just clips on one of the D rings and you loop it around the animals body/head and start walking. I saw a guy on tv drag out a 200 pound pig by himself. Of course he was on a flat surface and it was pretty easy walking but, I am sure it could be done in the woods as well.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

We have a good road system in our hunting area, but if a drag is necesary I carry a short piece of parachute cord in my pocket. If I shoot a deer I cut a short piece of a young tree and make a handle, then make a loop to go around the antlers/head and pull.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

The only gadget I use is a rope... and if i forget that... sometimes my belt!

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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I prefer to packing them out ,thats because I always find my self 2 miles or more back in with 3 hollows between me and my truck.One buck took over 8 hours to drag up a montain,years later I shot one from the same stand ,cut it at the last rib
,packed the stand and half the deer on one trip returned with back pack for the other half and rifle, 3 hours total.I like the labor of my love, once I packed a carabou 5 miles as the crow flys{gps} in2 trips ,an elk 3 miles in 3 trips and a moose 2 miles in 10 trips ,thats one way.I have nothing else to do after punching my tag.buy a good pack and have at it. I hope you have those problems.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

Non-motorized? Simple good old younger, strong sons and nephews!

One year I was dragging a deer up to the barn and was joined by my good friend. We were taking turns dragging when we met up with my nephew who's been a top wrestler since age 5. Here he is a 20 year old animal.

When it was his "turn" to drag he put that rope over his shoulder and frickin disappeared towards the barn. We would have to run to keep up with him. By the time we got to the barn he was sitting there with a cold drink. I think he even called us "old farts" LOL.

We've been out clearing lanes and setting stands (me and him) and he'll take off on a run to another stand site and get there before me on an ATV.

It really pays to stay in top shape. Animal!
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

a cart
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Quick Reply: Dragging the deer out

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