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Dumbest thing?

Old 08-08-2006, 07:09 AM
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Default Dumbest thing?

We have the scared in the woods post...have you ever felt like an idiot in the woods? Heres mine:

About 4 years ago I was turkey hunting in WV. We had a bird answer us, but it was a LONG ways off. We callled a bit and he would go nuts, but not get closer. We would walk and stop...call...he would answer again, but just refused to get closer. Thought for sure he was with hens. We would walk and call, walk and call. He would answer again, but no luck getting him closer. This went on for over two hours and down the side of an entire mountain. We finnaly got to the river and sat down. Calleed...he answered...close this time. As we looked across the river we saw a hous...with a pen...with a turkey in it going nuts over our calling. Never told too many people that story. I did get a bird the next day. I should have just payed the fine and shot that one...I was ticked.
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

My neighbor keeps a turkey in his chicken pen , I found this out the hard way while experimenting with calling . The property next door is wooded and holds turkeys , I thought I was doing great until I got close to the street and suddenly realized where the gobbles were coming from . Don't feel bad , it isn't just you . []
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

I've called and stalked penned turkeys before too. I've got a good friend who still-hunted his way with bow in hand for close to thirty minutes towards a herd of whitetail before he noticed the fence in between him and them! [:-]
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

when I was young my dad snuck back to my tree late morning. Hid behind some trees and grunted in a deeeep grunt for 20 min.I was like 13so I was really nervous. Then he jumped out andstartedlaughing his a$$ off at me. I felt pretty stupid.
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

Last year: Opening day of bow season

I had been scouting hard for the months preceding the opener, and I thought I was in a PRIMO spot to take my buck early. The night before, I couldn't even sleep - I was awake almost all night checking my daypackmaking sure everything was right (new batteries in everything, plenty to eat, the right calls, cell phone charged, licenses, etc.). I had everything cinched and packed neatly in the garage.

After a sleepless night, I get up extra early, and I pulled into the farm at 5:30 - an hour and a half before shooting light. I decide to go climb in early and enjoy the darkness. I re-apply my de-scenting chemicals, put my stand on my back, and grab my..... bow.... WTF??? Where the #$&$#%# is my bow??

I rack my brain...

Yep, I definitely left it laying on the table at home... (Words can't even express the feeling that you get when you do something as magnificently stupid as forget your bow on opening day) Deer across America were laughing at me, and I knew it.

So, like a maniac, I raced home to get my bow. I was blowing by cars on the highway like a wildman. I swear, the ghost of Dale Earnhardt possessed me, and I drove that car like I stole it, chirping and redlining every gear. At 6:30, I was back, tires steaming- running across the beanfield as fast as I could run without breaking a sweat. I stopped at the woodline, huffing and puffing and totally furious - long enough to re-apply my scent killer, and crept in - it was already cracking daylight. I didn't even need a flashlight.

As quietly as possible, I put the climber on the trunk and climbed up to around 18 feet. After putting my rubber hooks in the tree, I pulled my bow up. It's around 7:00 now, and I'm still out of breath. Before I could even get the quiver off of my bow, I caught some movement and here they came, feedingup over the bank - one, two, three bucks. I nocked an arrow and drew. A nice eight pointer walked right into range and I cleaned him out. I couldn't have been in the stand for more than ten minutes.

This year, I plan on taking my bow with me on opening day.
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

Nice story Quick!
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

haha, u mentioned u hunt a farm, its prolly jsut coincidence but we had a guy do that last year on our farm we hunt, its in greene county and we didnt know what he forgot but when he came flyin around the corner of the old gravel road and gunnin the engine like crazy, jumpin out ofhis truck and practically runnininto the woods,we knew heforgot somethin....
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

This wasn't in the woods, it was at camp.....and I NEED to add many many years ago. I got drunk and was dancing on top of a 150qt cooler in nothing but a pair of cut off thermal underwear bottoms.......pictures were taken, it wasn't pretty.......I only felt like an idiot later when the pictures surfaced
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Default RE: Dumbest thing?

on a muzzle loader hunt, before shotgun primers, i arrived at the property i was to hunt but i got there late[:@], well since i was late, i decided i would stalk hunt all the way to my stand, only saw 3 does and got w/i range but was hunting some very good sign in the area, get to the stand about 8'ish, put gun on shoulder and climbed stand(permanent stand) what seemed like 8' 15' ish here comes a beautiful 8 pt. 17" wide feeding right up the side of this ridge, he is standing broadside as can be @ 35 feet not yards mind you, everything is going perfect, i squeeze the trigger and get "click" deer raises his head, i pull hammer back deer goes back to eating, "click", this time i decide if the buck will just postion himself behind a tree long enough to get my capper, yea the one i left sitting on the front seat of my truck[:@], needless to say there wasn't a tree in that county wide enough to cover up that much stupid[&o]

but on a good note i haven't had that happen again
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