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Shotgunning Deer

Old 07-27-2006, 05:40 PM
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Default Shotgunning Deer

What are some of the guns you guys use to hunt deer with shotguns? i have a 20 guage 870, do you think that is enough gun?
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

yeah you can do it with a 20 guage, but Iwouldnty try it. I dont shotgun deer hunt here, too many wackies who shoot at movement durin shotgun season...

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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

]\boy i here ya on wackies., her in mn where i live the just expanded the shotgun zone that has been that for years to rifle ., ouch ., !!!! im NOT goin to even be close in that zone., but as far as a slug gun? see if you can get a slug barrel for it ., i use a 870 12 ga. with a slug barrel ., and so does alot of others around here do ., i dont hunt with the slug gun anymore cuz i use either bow or muzzleloader but i hope this helps you out ., and good luck to you this season.,p.s. if yo uare useing the 20 ga. with a smooth barrel ., you are goin to have to practice since the bullet will come out in many differnt ways .,im sure there is more people here that can explan that better .,
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

yea id go for a bigger gun. i think you are taking a risk goin with a 20 gauge
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

The 20ga kills LOTS of deer every year. And they can't tell the difference between it and a 12. As long as you can hit where you are aiming, it is fine. Remember, you are hunting deer, not buffalo.
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

ORIGINAL: uncballers45

yea id go for a bigger gun. i think you are taking a risk goin with a 20 gauge
Shot placement kills deer , not the loudness of theboom .
I took the first deer of the season last year with a 20 gage Charles Daly field pump loaded with plain old cheap foster style slugs , it was more than enough gun for the task . I wouldn't go as low as a .410 , but a 20 gage is plenty .
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

Practice, Practice, Practice and know it's limitations! Sure it will!
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

Down here Shotguns usually mean "buckshot," not rifled slugs like some places!
As far as buckshot goes, I don't like it! Short range, and no expansion, equals lost deer, regardless of the guage!
Now if we are talking rifled slugs, The 20 should not be far behind the 12 guage, that is knowing your own personal limitations!
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

kshafer...If you are hunting with slugs then kevin and rebel are exactly right...a 20 gauge slug is plenty...but...Are you asking because you are hunting in a state that allows buckshot??? If so, you do need to be sure and try several brands of buckshot and different chokes...With smaller bores, I like to drop down to #1 buck...and start with an improved cylinder choke, and work your way up...Deer with buckshot are usually killed within 25-40 yards...If you can keep 4-5 in a 8x11 piece of paper (turned horizontal) you are good to go...Good Luck
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Default RE: Shotgunning Deer

The 20 ga. is really .54 Caliber so it is plenty to take a deer.
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Quick Reply: Shotgunning Deer

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