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I found a dead buck this year and took the skull with the rack on it and put it in pure clorox bleach...most of the hair was gone..the only thing is that it turns the antlers kinda whitish color but it eats the stuff off pretty well hope this helps
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I got a set mounted last year and my dad said the taxidermist just cut the antlers out of the skull. I'd go to a taxidermist to get it all done right. But if you don't want to, I think my dad said he cut it out so it could be hung on a wall right away. Ya know, so the anlters were pointing up, so there was a flat area where the wall would be. I'm bad at explaining it, but just picture how the anlters would look on your wall, and cut them out of the skull. Or just go to a taxidermist.
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I don't know about the hydrogen peroxide but the bleach works well. If the antlers bleach you can actually use regular wood stain and they will darken right back. I use a big pot on an electric hot plate in the garage and boil them. Once boiled for several hours you can just scrape whatever is left on the bone off and let it dry.
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Default RE: Antlers. . .

just put it in a pot of boiling hot water..
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Are you wanting the rack for a european skull mount? If so, the best way would be with beetles, that some taxidermist have or have to be sent off. Some people boil them, but it stinks pretty bad and can discolor. I just like to get a pair of plyers and knife and just work at the tough hide and peel it all off. Then you can bleach it or use other chemicals.

If you want a plaque mount, do the same except V-cut the antlers off. And remember, cut it at the angle you want it to sit on the wall. Either mount is not too hard to acomplish. If you want a full-shoulder mount, let the taxidermist do the work. Good luck.
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Default RE: Antlers. . .

Check this out.
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