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Hank Parker

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Default Hank Parker

I didn't even know this guy hunted never mind haveing his own hunting Show. I just got through watching his show Hank Parker 3D and he was deer hunting in Kt. He said he never saw so many acorns in his life and the rut was just about over. He stated that not too many deer had been seen because of this stage of the rut. Well of course the great white hunter saw a couple bucks the first couple of days, But of corse they wern't big enough for him. Sooooooooooooo he put out this stuff called C'mear Deer and of corse the deer were all over him now. He called it chumming with C'mear deer.
Now I am asking seriously (no bull) has any one used this product and how well does it work. This by the way was his only sponcer. So I'm wondering if his show is a weekly informertial in discise. But if anyone has had sucess with it let us know here or is it another deer cocaine or apple jam. Mike
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Default RE: Hank Parker

Never used the stuff, but I've learned over the years if it seems to good to be true it usually is!
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Default RE: Hank Parker

I have used c'mere deer liquid and powder and have had great results.

theres probly a different hunt each week
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Default RE: Hank Parker

I used c'mere deer last season, and not the frist deer came to it and did not see a deer in that area again. It was the liguid that I used. Iwill not try it again! Just My Oppinion.
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Default RE: Hank Parker

In Case you don't know it. Hank Parker owns c'mere deer so all he is doing is pushing his own product. There office is here in Louisiana and they do some of the more serious marketing in the outdoor business community. I have never seen any real results with the stuff in a couple of years of trying it. They get it in a lot of stores by giving tremendous deals on it at shows right down to throwing in the display stand with the order.
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Default RE: Hank Parker

The truth comes out keylargo. Funny. I can't stand to watch him fish let alone hunt.HCH
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Default RE: Hank Parker

i think it's great that hank has a huntin' show...hope it does well.
i've only ever heard good things about c'mere deer so i'm going to try it this fall...i'll let y'all know how it works.
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Default RE: Hank Parker

This, as in most all types of "baiting/attractants" is the real misconception! "Put it out ANYWHERE, and they'll come running from miles around!"
Baits and/or attractants, won't work unless they are placed close to where the deer naturally move anyway! They are NOT "majical magnets!"
As for C'mere Deer, I've never used it, so I can't say wether it works or not. But, as I said, if the deer aren't nearby to begin with, you are really spinning your wheels!
It's kind of like using scent blockers, and thinking that you are "scent-free" and you don't have to pay attention to the wind, or wearing the latest camo version and thinking that you are "invisible!'!
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Default RE: Hank Parker

He isn't doing anything that the rest of the celebrities of the hunting/fishingworld do. They either push their own products or they push sponsors products. Some of them work to an extent, but a lot of them are just to get your money.
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Default RE: Hank Parker

I agree with everything the last two post said. An attractant may work great one place and time and not another,and I am all for advertising and business. My only complaint is when they pour it on the ground and then act like they have to get out of the way before the first 100 show up. I also think that it would be ethical to mention(oh yeah I'm making a ton of money off of this stuff I'm putting on the ground.
just my two cents worth.

Oh and by the way I have personally bottled a substance that deer always come to and has proven to be very beneficial to their survival. At certain times they will even fight for the stuff they love it so much.

Now does anyone know how I can get a patent on water??
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Quick Reply: Hank Parker

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