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are coyotes really...

Old 06-15-2006, 02:56 PM
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Default are coyotes really...

Are coyotes really that bad. I have heard from some people yes. Kill everyone of them. I have read some articles that say. They arent that bad. The article said they only pick on sick deer. If they get lucky maybe even a fawn.A normal healty deer is just wayto fast for a coyote.I could go both ways on this. Whats everyone else view?
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

I look at it this way, coyotes have been west of the "BIG muddy" for a longLONG time, in higher numbers than they are yet in the east, BUT yet the deer herds are healthy out west!!
Coyotes are opportunists!! They don't want to have to work any harder for a meal than they have too. As long as there are plenty of "easy" meals such as rodents, rabbits, carion, fruit, etc., deer are pretty low on thier meal list!
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

Personally if I had the oppertunity and the right license of course ( don't want to get touble with the DNR ).
I would take everyone of them out, I don't like them for the simple reason that they can spoil a good hunting area.
I heard that some coyotes will hunt in packs to take a deer down & they kill turkeys too.
So I gotta do something to knock out the compitition, but the question I have is what kind of license or tag does one need to kiil one and what does one do with it once you kill it.
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

Here in TX they can be hunted year round with no special tags required. When we kill one at my lease we just leave it for the buzzards. A hunting license is required.
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

I would say as far as the deer go they probally are not that bad, maybe even help a little are far as weeding out the sick and all. But here in ohio their is alot of livestock and the yotes can do alot of damage on them! One of the spots I hunt has sheep on it and the yotes take them down with no problem, eat the necks and guts out and leave the rest! So around here its kill them all, but out west it maybe leave some for the "circle of life thing" to "help" the deer heard health.
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

WDFW NEWS RELEASE: Wildlife officials warning residents .

Coyotes and People
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

I would prefer that they were all gone. They kill turkeys and fawns for sure and they mess with our once abundant fox. I love foxes and would prefer to have them and hawks take care of the rodent population. That and they do scare deer when you are trying to bowhunt them
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

I believe that coyotes can and will kill even adult deer (especially if there are two or more coyotes)--deer are faster, but just like any dog--the coyote will wear them down. They can be hard on the turkey population as well and that is something I really resent. As for the deer, overall, it might be possible for them to keep the herd healthier by keeping the numbers lower and if deer overpopulation is a problem in your area then perhaps they could help (perhaps). Another Problem however, just as wolves will prey on mature bulls after the rut, coyotes will also prey on post-rut bucks (who defenses and energy are low at the time). The good thing is that unlike wolves in the west, we can take a "pop" at coyotes whenever we see one and I say "shoot, when possible"
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Default RE: are coyotes really...

I believe that coyotes are the most cunning animal anywhere. They adapt to every situation and, no matter how hard we've tried, we've been unable to wipe them out of any areas. I don't believe that they just cull the deer heard. Several years ago, while sitting in a bow stand, two coyotes chased a nice fork buck through one of my shooting lanes. One of them circled back and I ended up taking him with a bow. One of my most memorable kills.

I usually take out coyotes when ever I see them. Not because I think that they kill that many deer,although I think they get plenty, but mostly because I think they need to be kept in check.

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Default RE: are coyotes really...

I think it's funny when some guys flip out when a coyote kills a deer and than go out the next day and kill a deer themselves. I love hunting as much or more than most, but I will in most cases defend the coyote. It seems like the ones that know the least aboutcoyotesaremost likly condemn them.
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Quick Reply: are coyotes really...

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