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Stupid Question I have to ask

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Default Stupid Question I have to ask

O.K. I know this is dumb,but these are the things that run through my head during the off season. In many states where it is leagle to put out bait or lures for deer people use high sugar sweet products that deer don't naturally come in contact with. The question is(and I hesitate to even ask it)are we going to cause deer to have serious problems with tooth decay that could lead do other medical problems.
Just wondering
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

Deer already have serious problems with tooth decay. Around here if you shoot a deer that is 3.5 or older, it generally has some major issues such as decay so bad it is eating into the gums. In fact, we have found 2 skulls from old deer (6.5 or older)where it seems they probably died from the tooth decay getting infected and the infection spreading into the jaw bone, which eventually killed them. I guess it is just part of a deer's life as these deer are agricultural deer and have it relatively easy with an abundance of greatfood sources.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

I'm sure we all have eaten something that's had a little dirt on it. We all feel that gritty feeling as we chew the food. I imagine that deer have this all the time and that is why their teeh wear so fast compared to human.

As someone else already said, the enamal is worn quickly. I'd think that in areas with sandy type soil, that deer's teeth wear even more quickly.

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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

I supply insulin for my deer
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

The deer in my area die from lead poisoning at a much more alarming rate than tooth decay[8D]
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

i just tell the deer to brush and floss daily
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

We use surgar-free sweet potatoes.
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

I think the deer have alot more to worry about then tooth decay. But I did try and put some sweet feed in the feeder for them and boy was that a mistake! When I went back to pull the card in the camera the ants were all over the place! I had to throw the feed out and just go back to plane corn. Will try sweet feed again this fall when it is much colder.
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Default RE: Stupid Question I have to ask

I don't kinow about sweet food causing tooth decay....... but I would think that the guys mixing salt w/soil for a mineral supplement are causing premature wear? All that sand in the mouth and then they go eat, grinding there teeth at a much greater rate. Just my 2 cents
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