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Coyote problem

Old 06-06-2006, 12:54 PM
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Default Coyote problem

The property I hunt is starting to get quite a few coyotes on it and the owner wants most them, but not all out of there. I bought a distress call that has three different sounds, but we only see them at night. They have been seen pretty close to the houses in the area and have believed to have killed a few cats. What is the best way to hunt coyotes?
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Old 06-06-2006, 12:59 PM
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Default RE: Coyote problem

Find their dens and eliminate the mama and pups , there is no more effective way to reduce a population than that . Camp out near the den until mama comes , take her first , then kill the pups . Taking out a few yotes won't accomplish anything , and your friend should understand that his livestock and pets are in danger as long as a single one lives . Smoke 'em all .
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Default RE: Coyote problem

Cleetus, if you figure out a surefire way to actually "hunt" them, please keep this thread posted. At one point a couple years ago, I went all gung-ho on coyote hunting. I even bought a Savage .22-250 specifically for it and a fancy electronic call (already had mouth calls). I watched videos and went out to a spot on our deer hunting ground where I KNOW there's 'yotes and tried to call as best I could tell would be realistic.........nothing........several different occassions........nothing. Was then told to do it in the snow since they are having a hard time finding food........nothing. I'm hoping for someone to tell me how it's done without dogs, trucks, etc. You're even supposed to be able to do it during the daylight hours, similar to when you'd want to deer hunt. I must be doing something wrong.
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Default RE: Coyote problem

Try tying out a live chicken. Just put a stake in the ground and tie the hen up with about 4' of strong string. I have found that white chickens work best. I do this about an hour before sunset. I have lost chickens to hawks before but I don't mind feeding birds of prey. Check to make sure this is legal where you hunt. This will also bring in bobcats. May seem cruel to the chicken but I think if I kill enough 'yotes I'm saving chickens in the long run.LOL.
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Default RE: Coyote problem

I'd let them kill a few more cat's before going after them.
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Default RE: Coyote problem

Interesting info......I was thinking about going all gung-ho this year on the yotes....especially during the off-season.....
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Default RE: Coyote problem

I'm with kevin hunt down the dens light a long fusee put it down in the den and cover the openings. I'f you like to shoot goundhogs do not tell your farmers this trick ,he'll be buying a lot of fusees (road flares)
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Default RE: Coyote problem

since the chances of finding the dens are slim to none, I'd suggest trapping. Even the best of the best coyote callers have a hard time putting a dent in the population. A trap, or snare, works 24/7! Once you think you're getting a handle on the population, pull the traps!
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Default RE: Coyote problem

Similar to what txrookie said, I have heard that you take two roosters and tie them out, just out of sight of each other. At sunrise they will crow to each other and get the interest of the coyotes.
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Default RE: Coyote problem

Dont' overthink this one. Just get written permission and a spotlight. Problem solved.
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Quick Reply: Coyote problem

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