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Near Death Experience

Old 01-18-2006, 01:20 PM
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Default Near Death Experience

Hey I was just curious if any of you have had a near death experience while out hunting?

Well here's my story. Me and my cousin were out elk hunting. We were at the bottom of this hill and at the top there were a herd of elk. Couldn't see them but could sure hear the bulls. So we started to slowly make our way up the hill. There was a open feild and then another ridge line and the elk were about 100yds inside the tree line. So we started to crawl on our stomachs to the tree line. When we got there I sat up against a big poplar facing the direction of the elkand there was grass about 3 feet high all around me.My cousin went about 100yds down from. When he got in place I started to bugle and the bull answered right back. So i knocked a arrow and waited because I heard alot of noise in the bush. Then suddenly i heard foot steps about 5 feet to the left of me and i couldn't see a damn thing. Then suddenly about 5 feet in front of me appeared a wolf. He stopped and he stared right at me. So by now im saying my prayers cause i know this maybe the end. But the wolf just stared at me the turned and kept walking. Im amazed my heart didn't come out of my chest. Also the elk had must have caught a drift of the wolf because the took off as well.
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

I've had 2 close calls.

* I was walking out of the woods one night about 30 minutes after dark. I heard a gun go off fairly close and a slug hit the stock of my gun!![:@] Scared the living **** out of me. Evidentally someone took a poke at a deer afterhours. Go figure......... "those petty grey area laws". I yelled a few profanities that way, but never headed over there for obvious reasons. I had a pretty good idea who did it and I paid him a visit to have a "talk" with him. Let's just say I don't think he'll be firing away after light anymore.So .....yeah I have a little thing about shooting at night. Probably should be dead on that one.

* The other one was my last deer drive I've ever taken part in. Years ago we had a group of 8 or so doing some drives. I happened to be one of the standers on this drive. I was sitting at the edge of a pond tucked down in some catails overlooking an open field waiting for the deer to come busting out. Next thing I know I hear shots ripping away from where the drivers are pushing!![:@] It was known between us that who ever is doing the driving DOES NOT SHOOT PERIOD!! Most of the time they don't even carry a gun. Apparantely the group doing the driving ran into another hunter in a stand and the guy said he'd just join the drive and call it a day. They thoroughly explained not to shoot and pointed out there were standers ahead of them. I guess he didnt' get the picture because a buck jumped out and off went the parade of shots. I hit the dirt face first and could hear 5 shots ripping through the catails and the whistling of slugs going by me as the guy yelled "ITS A BUCK!!" I caught up with after the drive and had a "talk" with him too. Needless to say that's the last drive I have done and will ever do.
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

glad you guys are still ok, but me personally have never had anything happen like that, and hopefully it will stay that way.
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

This one tried to scare me.

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Default RE: Near Death Experience

It wasnt a near death experience per say but it could have been. I shot a lil 7 pt my 2nd deer and on the way out i stood face to face with the biggest buck i had EVER seen i could have touches it with my hand luckily he was more scared than defensive and ran off when i got to the end of the road i got a good look at him it was a 10 pt about 18 in wide and had dd favorite thig on him MASS. i had to clean out my pants later.

I also flipped a 4 wheeler on my head. i guess it is pretty hard huh
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

first yr out I was sitting behind a tree on posted land I had permission to hunt. I heard a shot behind me then heard a slug fly right next to me. about a foot away. That`s a sound I`ll never forget. I got up turned around and this guy came walking into the woods. He shot from the road at a doe that crossed in front of him.
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience ?
I haven't personally , but most of the deer that I've ever seen while hunting have ...
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

[blockquote]Does ripping down icy/snow coveredbackroads trying to make it to the hunting location for day light or the evening sitwith my brother in law count ? Still trying to get the finger prints out of the dashboard of his truck.[&:]

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Default RE: Near Death Experience

About 7 years ago I was hunting a swampy area located on a local garlic farm. I had hunted until it was begining to get dark and decided to walk back through an open field to the barns.
The field I was in was at the bottom of large hill and had a small pond between myself and the top of the hill. As a result of the overcast weather the light was fading fast.
Suddenly I hear shot..then a quick smack...and finally a slug traveling through the air right past my position. The slug finally hit a rocky outcropping right behind me.
I quickly dropped down and crawled behind the only small tree that was in the field. Next thing I know the whole scene repeated itself.

To make a long story short...some of the kidsthat worked onthe farm decided that they wanted to take a few shots into the pond with their slug guns at the end of the day. What I heard was the remnants of the twisted slugs as they were ricocheting off the surface of the pond and flying past my head....
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Default RE: Near Death Experience

One time when I was eighteen I was deer hunting on the ground with my crossbow when a pack (5) of wild dogs started to make their way towards me. I was young and did not know such a thing even happend around ohio but as they started to come close I thought it was cool. Then when they got about sixty yards away they split up, And I was still fascinated. They circled me all around in a forty yard circle and I just thought hum! Then I noticed the one was showing his teeth and started walking all stealthy towards me!! Then I droped a load in my pants, looked at my CB and realized I only had three arrows. Shut my eyes and said "god please make those dogs go away" and when I did the one dog just stoped and sat and looked at me for a couple of minuets and then the other dogs all came back to him and just looked at me and then left. Needless to say I did not stay until sunset.
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