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Winter deer herd

Old 01-08-2006, 01:59 PM
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Default Winter deer herd

Yesterday me and my dad decided to go for a walk in this pasture that always holds a large number of wintering deer. I had my doubts about whether the deer would be there this year because of the lack of snow and cold weather. My plan wasn't to look for sheds yet since I don't expect them to start dropping here for atleast 2 months yet. Instead it was going to be more of a scouting trip and I was hoping to see a few deer and maybe get some pictures.

At 12:00 the sky was completely clear, making for a great day for picture taking. By 12:08, clouds and fog had rolled in and visibility was down to less than 200 yards. After a mile of walking these few does were the only deer we had seen:

At this point the fog cleared for a minute and I spotted a couple of decent looking bucks about 500 yards away. The visibility dropped again so we decided to make a sneek on them hoping to get close enough for some pictures if the fog lifted again.

As we arrived at the brush where the bucks had been, the clouds started clearning away some and the fog lifted completely. From where we were standing, all we could see was deer everywhere stretching as far as we could see. As I started scanning the herd with my spotting scope it looked like every other deer was a buck. I started snapping pictures immediatley. The conditions still were not great for pictures so the quality isn't great but some bucks are visible in these pictures:

Full digital zoom of a couple of younger bucks:

A decent sized buck that was too far away for a good picture:

Another decent buck, he's wide but not much for height:

Unfortunatley the large majority of the herd was too far away for pictures or hidden behind brush so I have no pictures of the bigger bucks in the herd. In total the herd is probably around 200-300 deer, including maybe 40-50 bucks.

After watching the herd for an hour or so, we decided to leave them be and started hiking back to the truck. Although we tried not to disturb them, we ran into a few does who spooked and alerted the rest of the herd to our presence. Here's a picture of approx. 1/3-1/2 of the herd after the does alerted them:

I plan on heading back next weekend and hopefully the weather cooperates a bit more and i'll be able to get some pictures of a few of the larger bucks including one buck that I caught a glimpse of as we were leaving that should go 180"-190".
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

all i can say is... HOLY CRAP!
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!! Wow, that is awesome
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

Ahh the old days,

When I grew up I used to see similar sights, on a smaller scale,(less land and less deer, but same concentrations).

I never see that anymore, in fact those pictures really brought some memories of what things were like when I was kid. Unfortunately my family were not hunters and at the time all my experiences with the deer were exactly what you were doing in this pictures, scouting,observing etc.
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

thats a great story and some cool pictures. is this your land, is it a lease, or is it a property you have permission to hunt on?
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

Great pics thanks for sharing! Sounds like you and your father had a good hike! If you go out this coming weekend post some more pics! Those were great!!
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

Awesome pics, how did you do hunting this season?
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

The land is basically open to anyone who wants to hunt it, fortunatley for me very few other people know about it so I generally have it all to myself for the majority of the season.

I did not fill my tag this year. Passed on plenty of 120"-130" bucks during bow season. Missed a chance at a 160" buck early on rifle season, then missed chances at 2 150" bucks the last day.
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

Wow there are a lot of deer there thats about how many we have in michigan lol
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Default RE: Winter deer herd

Sweet Lord ole mighty. My brother would freak out if he saw that. He’s been deer hunting and says the most he’s seen together at one time was about ten.

20 tears ago or so I was out with a friend and we saw a herd like that. I didn’t tell many people because the few I told thought I was BS them. Nice pictures.
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Quick Reply: Winter deer herd

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