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An interview

Old 01-07-2006, 08:22 AM
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Default RE: An interview

Yes Doc, I think "something stinks in Denmark".
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Default RE: An interview

I´m not saying this isa true story but I think it could well be. The following statements are quite common whendiscussing with criminals. Ive spent e few years in prison ( with keys, mind you!) and this sounds like a criminal to me.

It is almost always the other guys initiative and some mildering circumstances (daughter in hospital). It is more or less described as a good deed: the poor friend was starved. Hey it not my fault, its the damn non-residents fault really. You should be lucky I´m a good man and thereforeI choose not to sell drugs. Thats evil I´m just a regular guy. i did not know he only took the racks.

Hunting clubs? Now why should I have to do like everybody else to hunt. So much deer anyway. I more or less helped out here.

So we are supposed to belive that A shot deer and left and that Friend took the deer without A being present? That poor innocent A had no idea? That he never asked the questions we all would have. Why do we not ask? Either we already know or we choose not to know.

And the most common statement: Yes I have learned my lesson. Wont ever do it again.The darnest thing. I´ve lost my hunting rights.

Who believes that?

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Old 01-07-2006, 09:52 AM
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Default RE: An interview

3D, I have to agree with everything that you've said! Even if this is a made up story, it is the type of violations that most of us would call true,"POACHING!"
That is the point that I've been trying to make for a long time now!
Many times here recently,"HUNTERS," have been labeled "POACHERS," for doing things that are PERFECTLY LEGAL in their own areas! It has gotten to the point of "if you don't do it my way, you are a poacher!"
Again, the case of this "interview," true, or not, is a CLEAR case of POACHING! Going so far as saying that a speeding ticket, isPOACHING, is just rediculous!
With so many laws on the books, and varying from region, to region, complicating things, ANY ONE OF US, could easily breakalaw!
By the "letter of the law," YES,that is POACHING! But, to consider some minor, incidental violation, the same as making up your own seasons, making your own limits, trespassing, etc. is foolish too!
We as hunters, especially on this great hunting board, should not be so quick to label each other as "POACHERS!"

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Old 01-07-2006, 10:38 AM
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Default RE: An interview

AMEN Jag ..AMEN !!

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Old 01-07-2006, 10:47 AM
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Default RE: An interview

JagMagMan It always angers the heck out of me whenever the subjects of hunting and poaching are linked. Poaching has about as much to do with hunting as stealing cars has to do with trafic. It seems it is always hunters that is supposed to take responsibility for the armed thiefs which is what they are.
IMO anyway.
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Old 01-07-2006, 10:55 AM
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Default RE: An interview

Alright guys pinch your noses!

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Default RE: An interview

yeah this story sounds made up for sure to me. i dont agree with poaching for the first bit. tthe only thing ive evr poached in my life was a squirrel out of season when i was like 12. Poaching would never cross my mind unless i had a family to feed and didnt have the money to do so. i dont think that will ever happen so i dont ever plan to poach. If you dont eat it dont kill it.
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Old 01-07-2006, 11:29 AM
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Default RE: An interview

Mass, to clarify, these two worked on a ranch. The deer were shot during the day, while at work, the co-worker was supposedly going back after dark and taking the wildlife. The rifle used was left in the company vehicle, coworker got to work before Poacher A and was out trying to shot another.

I did ask why Poacher A shot and not co-worker, he co-worker did initilly but never hit anything.

Early, It is not made up, I think the reason someone may question the validness of this interview is because no names or location are given and there will not be. Yes I do wonder what other people think but, but the story was more for people interested in why someone would do this, and the price that is payed. I know this is just one case but I thought it to be very interesting.

3D I don't know why the question wasn't asked, and by no means am I trying to play this guy off as inocent, I just wrote what I was told.

BTB, I did leave some holes but as I said I'm not a writer, all deer where shot and left, CW was suppose to ga back after them and did not, when the C.A. caught CW he showed him the carcasses in hopes of not getting in trouble. CW wouldn't take questions so I don't know if he was punished.

DD, I don't recall ever saying anything bad about no one not even poacher A, so why make trouble. I just found this interesting.

Mass, I'm not an anti, and yes I'm a 1st poster, but didn't everyone start at 1. My story may just be contraversial.

NyBow, that is purely PoacherA's opinion I in fact agree that there arre hunters that never commit a crime, I also agree that 95% will never commit a crime this bad.

Hope this may clear things up a little.
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Old 01-07-2006, 11:43 AM
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Default RE: An interview

ORIGINAL: interestingviews

Mass, I'm not an anti, and yes I'm a 1st poster, but didn't everyone start at 1. My story may just be contraversial.
The second post was tounge-in-cheek and wasin reference to another thread about breaking laws and anti's using the information which most of the folks in this thread have read or been a part of.

I'm just glad the nightcrawlers are safe.

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Default RE: An interview

Welcome aboard interestingviews! Im new myself and still learning plenty! What a cool first post! I foundthe storymost interesting and Im glad you posted it. It put a great perspective on what really is poaching, I think.
Even if he is a criminal the guy shouldhave at leastsome credit for letting you write this down.
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