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idiots don't know a thing about deer management

Old 01-06-2006, 07:34 PM
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Default idiots don't know a thing about deer management

I let all kinds of deer walk. there's no telling how many doe. To tell you the truth if I had a penny everytime I let a doe walk in the past five years, I'd prolly have a million dollars

This year two times this guy (family member, they always are the dumbest) just gave me a case of the redass. I let a doe walk, I get up to leave and here he comes, late as usual screwing up everyones hunt. And sees her and shoots her. Hell, if I would have known that I would have shot her. I like to let the does stick around to bring in the bucks. Not too many but a few will do it. Well, on another occasion I let a little 4pt walk, guess what, pecker head shoots him too. This guy shoots anything. he's killed 6 doe this year, what in the world is he doing? I'll tell ya, he's killing them and giving them away, fine, nice and neighborly of him, but now guess what. I've been back a few times and haven't seen a doe or a buck or anything. the place I hunt, I figure in about five years or so of the infestation of idiots we have every year, I bet the land is just going ot be ruined. I am thinking of leasing some land next year that way I can do things the way I want them done and won't have to worry about anyone else.

I've just seen so many wounded deer from these guys, so many deer thats been shot and died somewhere. And I know its them, cuz I've seen them do it. They shoot, don't see the deer fall and then they leave and the deer is lying dead just a few yards into the woods. And you can't tell them anything, they are know-it-alls. Its their land (inlaws.........no one said they were smart though LOL) so thats why I haven't called the GW on their sorry butts but if I lease some land this year and see them doing that then I will call him. Then if they tell me to stop hunting out their, I will still have a place to hunt LOL. They also have other "friends" that come out and set salt blocks everywhere WTF!!!, this is very bad in TN, and the land owner (wife's pa) will get the ticket while these idiots walk away. I told one to take his ass on out of here and haven't seen him since but this has just gotten out of hand.
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Old 01-06-2006, 08:37 PM
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

i know what their doing is wrong and all, but if making it right is going to screw up your relationship with your family i would just let them ruin their ground and find a new place to hunt. its senseless to have bad blood within the family over a fuzzy ole doe.
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

I've let a ton of deer go this year too, but I've also killed 5, 4 of them does. Nothing wrong with shooting does, it all depends on the area your hunting and the deer densities and buck/doe ratio.
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

yeah, I wish I knew more about the doe to buck ratio etc.
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

I´ve too been in the position that I depended on the grace of idiots to hunt.Their land equals their rules.Worst I found that neverending bragging of theirs.Luckily for me they were to crappy to ever getmany shotsso theydid notruin the herd. I sound ungrateful and that was just the thing. They really were in it for the meat. They could not get it themselves and I got it for them. It was an everlasting ongoing of their way or the highway. I could never plan anything and never could i suggest anything. All they wanted from me was my dogs skill. I drew the line when only the doggot invited and they made it sound like they did me a favour to train my dog for me.
It took a lot of the joy away so I just did not hunt very much until I got better grounds.

I talked to them a few years later and they hadnt shot a single deer since I left them. It seemed the deer population hadnt recovered from the dog hunts five years ago.

I would really hate to be back insuch anutgrab so you have my full understanding.
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

Theres not much that can be done about family idiots! But about the does, in general, your area may be an exception, but in many places, you could probably take 5 does, to every buck, without hurting the over-all herd, or the hunting!
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

A deer biologist told me that on most properties, you can not shoot enough Legal does to make a difference in the deer population.Unless their is alot ofillegal killing of does in yourhunting areaI wouldn't worry about taking of does.
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

well i know exactly what utmstudent means when he talks about this. i have a few family member that do the same exact thing to the place i hunt. i have actualy bout fought with oneof my unles before over this and so has my dad. Theres just not a whole lot you can do about it cause my family is just like your "Know it alls."
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

well i hate to spend the money but i may lease some next year. Either that or just start saving and buy my own land. one acre is about 1000 around here. I get grant money for college that I just been putting in the bank. I say in about 5 years by the time I graduate I'll have enough money to buy a legitament piece of land. I might just deal with it and hunt this land next year and just save my money. Believe it or not, I talked to her grandparents this summer about leasing that land so I could keep all the idiots off and they just didn't want to do it. what has worked for me this year, in the fact that I haven't seen any of the idiots face to face is I usualy go during the week. Last year when I went on the weekend or during the holidays, it was an idiot gathering out there. But still, I still hear about them killing, shooting and wounding deer even when i don't see them. This is their bragging. Around the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas, "I seen a little doe about 500 yards out, I shot, shot again and shot again. I seen her stumble but I never found her. Man, can you believe I hit her that far out. I never found her though" Hearing that **** really pisses me off, and what pisses me off worse is the owners of the land (grandparetns) just laugh right along with them. I am thinking "You damn idiots, you shouldn't shoot that far anyway, and I bet you didn't even walk 500 yards out to where you shot to look"
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Default RE: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

UTM that sucks thatyou feelyour own family's screwing up your ground, but, the thing about leasing is there is a good chance that someone around your land may be a kill everything type of person. I'd just explain management and what your trying to do with your land with your family.
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Quick Reply: idiots don't know a thing about deer management

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