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Question about .357 Mag

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Default Question about .357 Mag

i was just curiouswhat you guys (and girls) think about using a .357 magnum foreither putting on deer drives,or even tracking deer. just curious because my grandpa had a nice .357 that i may be able to use. or do you think it is too small of a caliber? thanks
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Default RE: Question about .357 Mag

A lot of people will tell you they don't think its enough gun, but I know people that kill plenty of deer with one. However you have to keep it's limitations in mind. I think it would work great for bow ranges and finnishing a deer off if you had to. I wouldn't get a .357 just for that reason though. If you need to carry a side arm to finnish off deer all the time you should learn to shoot better instead. It should be something that rarely happens, not a regular kind of thing.

I don't think it would work all that well for a drive though, the ranges at which you would have to shoot are just not predictable enough. And I'm not reall keen on using a pistol to shoot at moving deer, especially a .357. With the right load at close ranges and proper shot placement they are effective.

I think of a .357 as a really compact bow without arrows.

Just my opinions though. That being said I wouldn't mind having one.

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Default RE: Question about .357 Mag

The above post sums up my thoughts too.
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Default RE: Question about .357 Mag



Hunters will need to choose between Hard Cast and Jacketed bullets.
In most revolvers a hand loaded, lubricated, hard cast bullet, can obtain higher velocities with less pressure than jacketed bullets. This allows heavier loads at higher velocities. On the downside a hunter will have to recognize that with the hardness of the bullet comes a loss of controlled expansion. The hunter is afforded deep penetration and bone breaking toughness but some sacrifice is made in shocking power and tissue damage (a smaller wound channel). Look for bullets with flatter points or hollow points in hard cast design. I would stay away from round nose or sharper pointed hard cast bullets bullets.
My Recommendation now goes with Cast Performance Bullet Company who is now making a full line up of cast bullets for the handloader.
A Jacketed Bullet, although slower, possesses controlled expansion and can produce heavy shocking power and large wound channels. But the softer lead will allow bullet erosion and less penetration. Jacketed bullets for hunting are for and few between. Look for harder lead antimony bullets with shallow hollow points, or round nose bullets. DO NOT CHOOSE SELF DEFENSE ROUNDS As of now I can recommend THREE bullets;
The first jacketed bullet I would recommend is the NOSLER PARTITION (PHB). It is available in 357 cal. (180 grn) 44 cal. (250 grn) and 45 cal. (260 - 300 grn). I have not personally used or tested these bullets. I understand from a number of sources they are very reliable in both shock and penetration at 1200 + velocities. WINCHESTER SUPREME OFFERS THESE BULLETS AS PARTITION GOLD.
**NOTE,, as of 2003 new calibers in 45 and 50 calibers have revolutionized the world of handgun hunting! For the hunter who can handle the recoil Ruger, Taurus and more have made great strides in large magnum revolvers.
The second bullet would be the HORNADY XTP. It is available in most popular calibers and a variety of weights. I have used these bullets in many situations. I find that at 1200 + velocities they offer high shock but fall slightly short on penetration due to over expansion.

The third bullet I would suggest is from SIERRA. Sierra offers a pistol bullet with a "Full Profile Jacket" (this is not a full metal jacket) in both MATCH and SPORTS MASTER. The FPJ at 1200 + velocities will not over expand and will give excellent penetration.The harder lead and thick jacket proved to be adequate for shoulder shots also.
It is also worth noting that SWIFT "A-FRAME" are now making handgun bullets designed for hunting large game.
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Default RE: Question about .357 Mag

thanks for the help. i was just curious and figured i would ask people who know what they are talking about.
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Default RE: Question about .357 Mag

I use a 357 just for the reason of Driving. I hunt in Central Minnesota and sometimes the closest or best shot you are going to have is when they are still bedded or around 30 yards. The chances of myuself getting a shot past that distance is slim. The long range shot are for the guys posting. They can have the rifles. Plusa I don't need to carry my niced 30-06 in dense cover and get it dinged up and stratch. Or worse yet nock the scope off.

I use a bullet with a grain of 140 or better.

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