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Road Kill

Old 12-25-2005, 08:32 AM
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Default Road Kill

I myself dont pick up a deer thats been hit by a vehicle. Not saying I havent picked up the ones Ive hit myself but when I did hit it I took the entire deer. It really bothered me the other day when I was pulling into my driveway and looked up the road just a bit and saw a deer laying there withno head. The deer had just been recently hit.I guess its just aggravating seeing this and it looks bad on hunters. We dont need to give the antihunters anymore fuel to add to the fire. Am I wrong on this?
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Default RE: Road Kill

SLOBS are everywhere. You are right arrow.
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Old 12-25-2005, 06:41 PM
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Default RE: Road Kill

So you are saying let a perfectly good set of antlers get takin by some one else. If I see a dead deer in the ditch that has been freshly hit with good meat i call the C.O and get a salvage tag for the meat. If i see one that has been hit a while ago with a rack on it, i am going to just take the rack i aint going to cut the head off of it. just simply take the rack and pull the deer into the ditch farther so no one sees it like maybe a little kid. So i am a slob for taking the antlers off of a dead deer? If you saw a 190" buck laying in the ditch that had rotten meat i suppose you would just drive by and leave the rack! NOT.
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Old 12-25-2005, 07:15 PM
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Default RE: Road Kill

I would take the rack. A lot of states pay workers to drive around and load up dead deer off the roads. I don't think they'll be offended if they find a deer without a head or one with a divot cut in his head. Heck, some of the ones that get hit by the18 wheelers coming down off a mountain...now THAT'S a mess!
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Default RE: Road Kill

Not trying to be smart her or offend anyone but what would you do with antlers from a road kill?
Its not exactly any trophy value is it?
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Default RE: Road Kill

nothing tenderizes venison better than the front bumper of a 3,000 pound vehicle.
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Default RE: Road Kill

I've come accross 2 headless deer in the past two years. It seems a bit grusome, and leaves me speculating about how big the rack was. It may be that the game warden tested the heads for cwd but that's the best spin I can put on it. I can understand a hunter taking the antlers for rattling purposes, but if he were a thoughtful sportsman the carcass should be moved back in the woods, out of site.
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Default RE: Road Kill

If you saw a 190" buck laying in the ditch that had rotten meat i suppose you would just drive by and leave the rack!
YES I would. Why would I possibly want a road kill section on my wall? Only thing ever to go on my wall would be a memory of a special hunt - NOT a memory of crawling thru a ditch to hack off a smelly head!

Only reason I could see was if someone used them for craft items like knife handle etc.
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Default RE: Road Kill

190' would sure make some damn good rattlin horns though.
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Default RE: Road Kill

Im not gonna lie.........Ive snatched a set of huge horns off road kill........
its a terrible thing......but the horns are great
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