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Default RE: Cheaters!

I think you should have said "Have you guys HAD any friends like this?"

I would disassociate myself from this punk immediately before he takes you under with him!

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Do you guys have any "friends" like this?
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Default RE: Cheaters!

ORIGINAL: ducsauce

No, not the TV show. I am talking about a 'friend' of mine. I saw him the other day and were talking hunting. Well, I show him my buck pics and he said that he had heard about it. He was jokingly saying that I killed it from the road and that it was illegal. I said "no" and thought nothing else about it. Wrong!

I see him the next day and he brings it up it again. I told him that this deer was shot in the woods and nothing was illegal about him. He says, "Your'e just jealous b/c mine is bigger." He was referring to a buck he shot last year while roadhunting. This was next to the Bluerdridge Parkway at that. No deer hunting is allowed there, its a parkway.[&:] I say, "Your'e jealous b/c I got my buck in the woods and yours was from a truck."

Why am I friends with this guy?? I know no one else that has said anything remotely related to that. I don't like the "mine is better than yours" bullchit and a roadhunter telling me at that. I bet he is real proud of his road buck. Why would you brag about something as lazy as that?

Do you guys have any "friends" like this?
Sure, we all probably got friends like this. But the bottom line is hunting is what we do, not who we are. And if all you have in common is hunting stories, don't sound much like a friend anyway.

Got a good friend who hate deer meat but loves killing them. I can't figure it out. But anyway, I usually get the backstraps. All he cares about is a trophy no matter how he gets it. Sure I wish he was more like me. Sure it bugs me. But in the big scheme of things, its really a small matter. And he is still a good friend.

People spend so much time looking at other people and convicting them of it. When really we should spend 90% of our time and look at ourselves. Keep the blinders on if you know what I mean.
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Default RE: Cheaters!

Next time he calls you a cheater just say yea I guess I crossed the line....When he says I knew you shot the deer from the road...Say deer? I thought you were talking about your girl.....I never, ever shoot deer from the road and then just walk away....

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Default RE: Cheaters!

This guy is not a hunting buddy, never will be. I talk to a few people that I never really see and we always have nice conversations. We share hunting stories b/c its what we have in common. There is no competition or "mines better" from any of them. I consider them friends. We all have the same respect for each other and don't make up B.S.

I guess you guys are right. Hes not a real friend if he has to put my legal buck down to make him feel better. Oh well, I know the truth and thats all that matters.
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Default RE: Cheaters!

And you still call him your Friend?[:-][:@]
If so, he better have some teeth in his pocket!!!
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Default RE: Cheaters!

My brother is like that and if you ask me if I am friends with my brother, I will tell you HECK NO. A couple years ago I was hunting a Farm near where he lives (out of state for me, I spent the big money for a non res tag) had a nice buck scouted out on the farm. Brother spotlighted the farm and shot it with a 7 mag a 11 pm out of his window and in a no rifle state.....then he had the balls to brag to me, I will never go 2 inches out of my way to talk to him.
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