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Are you a hunter?

Old 12-17-2005, 02:11 PM
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?


To me hunting is, tracking, finding rubs, finding scrapes, finding funnels, beddingareas, but if it makes anyone feel like hunting out of a box any better, it's thier prerogative andIMO they did not work for it.
Reb I will have to take issue with part of what you said my friend. I have hunted Canada a couple of times and even though I did not scout the area ..nor did I have to track anything .. however I did have to "set the box" for 11 hours a day ..day after dayin sub 20% weather over looking a 400 yard cutover ...now there was no guide to sit with me and hold my hand so it was up to me to try and stay focused ..it was up to me not to snooze ...and when I would spot a deer which was not often I had to make up my own mind if it was a "shooter" ...and then it was up to ME to make the shot! I do however agree that some of these shows were the guide sits in the box with you while buck after buck comes to the sound of the feeder and he pics out the one for you to shoot aint much hunting ..IMHO.

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Old 12-17-2005, 02:21 PM
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

DD, I've also been to Canada a couple times, to Venezula, Mexico, Argintina, Philippinesand Spain on hunting trips, but like I mentioned above, it's everyones prerogative on how they choose to hunt! I don't put down anyone on thier choices. To each his own!
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

I agree with much of what you all say. I have made quite a few hunting and fishing trips to Canada. For Black Bear and moose, he has tree stands set up in areas which he has scouted because he is there. However like DD says, just because you sit in that stand all day does not mean that you will score on anything. The animals are free ranging there of course and come and go as they please. Baiting severl stands for Bear only means that a Bear mat hit one of those baits. To me this is still hunting. It may be different in my mind if the game is locked in and has only the pre-baited areas in which to feed. In any case, If a method of hunting is legal and if a guy with little time to hunt or scout choose this type of hunt, I sure am not going to fault him for it. I have more time than Money but many have more MONEY than time. Let each guy enjoy his style of hunting.
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

After my last day out while laying on the bed with an icepack on my ankle and hip wondering if it was really worth it and if there was an easier way. Then I looked at the 2 deer I was about to haul back South i thought...heck yes its worth it!! I like to treestand hunt during bow season and first day of gun season..but after that its all stalk and track if theres a snow.

I guess everyone defines hunting differently but I just seem to end up doing it the hard way..lol.
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

What you describe is more deer shooting that deer hunting. Those deer are more like domesticated cattle than their wild bretheren roaming the wild woods. I suppose one could argue that money can be substituted for scouting, woodsmanship skills and marksmanship ablilities if all you really want is a dead deer on the ground. I disagree, hunting isn't about a head on a wall but the experience you have in getting it there.
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

That's not hunting but I guess some people call it that. It's just your own opinion of what hunting is. I guess if someone dropped you off in a box out in Canada, in the middle of nowhere, if you got out you might freeze or if you get lost your a goner, that would be kind of different. Some people think hunting is just getting together with family and friends, they don't care about the actuall "hunt".
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

Doc, this was in no way a slam against you or anyone else on here. you hunt as i do, in what some would call "less desireable area's". these areas are called this because it is not somewhere people would flock to for a chance at a B&C whitetail. i can understand the canadian trips and other trips that are taken for once in a lifetime hunts or special occaisions. i was reffing to "hunters" that only hunt these types of hunts. people that never find scrapes, rubs, etc. or never do any scouting.

it just burns my @ss up that these so called "professional hunters" do this kind of hunting and get so much glory for it. they really have nothing to brag about, except maybe a good shot. to me it's no more than target shooting using live animals as targets. i mean these deer are so predictable that they have even named them, it's ridiculous. i would love to kill a B&C whitetail, but i would want to do it my way....by scouting and spending the time in the woods looking for sign...not having a guide sitting beside me and telling me which one to shoot.

i'm not trying to stir the pot, just expressing my opinions on these type of hunting situations.
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

oh i failed to mention, Jackie Bushman also had the nerve to complain about the skeeters on his pampered hunt...what a panzee
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

nice post. I agree with you. That just is't hunting to me at all. They sure make it look good for the shows.To be a real hunter you have to hunt in the real woods .Not on a game farm.
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Default RE: Are you a hunter?

i seen that today. why would he want to shoot that "managment buck" when that fregin monster was beside it? i would have "missed" and shot the big one
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