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.222 Caliber

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Default .222 Caliber

Hey guys, I was just wondering can you use a .222 caliber for deer hunting or is more for varmint hunting? And if you can use it for deer hunting would it be effective at 100 yards? Thanks,
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

The most important factor is bullet placement on the animal you wanna tag with light grain bullets. A 10 grain bullet from a 22 pistol can drop a deer in its tracks at 25yrds if you tag it in the right place.Lots of practice on paper targets that have the animal vitals printed on it will do so many hunters much better in the field as many archers use 3D targets.It's all about placement and 200yrds with a 222 should be fairly easy in the hands of a trained marksman.
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

I would check the regs in your state to make sure. I believe that .223 is the smallest caliber allowed here in Oklahoma, and it's lethal for whitetail. Don't know for sure, but I'd think that it would be pretty effective for varmint hunting as well.
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

Stick with a larger gun...too small for deer...Its designed for coyotes or other smaller game...A .222 would kill a deer..but there isnt enough room for error...a shot in the lungs might not even killl it quickly...
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

Thanks for the replies. I would never hunt deer with a .222, I was just asking how effective it was. My father has one and we were shooting it over the summer and it has a nice little kick to it. I hunt with a Marlin 336c 30-30, so im not going to give that gone up for a .222, I love my 30-30. Thanks Matt
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

It is very close to the 223. In Our state it is the minimum allowed rifle. When I was younger I had a Savage over and under, 20 Ga. and 222. I used it for deer and it worked well out to a 100 yards or so. It shoots a 50-55 grain bullet. It is a very accurate cartridge and was used by many including the Army for match shooting.
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

I have a 30-30 too, I love that gun. Smooth would rather have a .300 Wetherby magnum though.
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

Va doesnt allow hunting w/ a .22 caliber. My 223 would do the trick if they passed the law.
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

thats what my uncle uses and love the gun. i dont think he has had but maybe 2 deer get away he couldnt find.
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Default RE: .222 Caliber

pardon my stupididty, but i dont know much at all about guns.

what is the differense between a .22, .222, and .223??
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Quick Reply: .222 Caliber

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