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bassfisherman711 11-30-2005 06:30 PM

Need A Little Help
This is my first year hunting for deer. I bought a very nice bow and am pretty good at it in shooting targets. I have a few friends who hunt, so i have been going out with them, filming, trying to learn the ropes. I have unfortuanley not been able to get a good shot yet. It seems like every time i go, we barely see anything. I realize, patience is key, and i plan on being out there every saturday till the end of season, but will things improve? Any pointers you guys have would be great. Also, what are some techniques for stalking deer, i tried that today, and we flushed a few up, but were still unable to get a shot. Finally, since i rely on my friends land for places to hunt, how can i find a place to hunt, where i can go alone, would it be best to just find a farm and ask?

any other tips yall have would be highly appreciated. THanks

bdu33 11-30-2005 07:00 PM

RE: Need A Little Help
Not sure what kinda terrain you hunt in but I've stood on stumps and
watched treelines, traveling zones, draws, game trails..etc. As for stalking, I
always wore the "softer" soled shoes/boots. Stalking takes a while, folks
usually want to "get there"...wherever there is real fast like. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!
1-3 soft steps, look with your eyes, slowly moving your head to meet the eyes.
Dont move suddenly. Spend 1-3 minutes doing this and move on.
"Grid" out the area your hunting. Not only in your effective
range but at greater distances also.
Hope this may help in some way. Good luck and good hunting.

Get permission when youcan. Be courteous, shake hands, and introduce yourself.
1-3 places if you can
Hit the Bowhunting Forums for some more info.

jimmy the foot 11-30-2005 07:17 PM

RE: Need A Little Help
the best way to stalk i feel is remember were you kicked up those deer and see if they bed in that area often. then stalk up on them using the wind to your advantage,or climb a tree and glass the area. then if you spot one try and devise the best way to sneek up on it. stalking is hard with a gun, it's really hard with a bow. i've tried to stalk with a bow but always can't get a draw on a deer before it's out of range. the gun is different, i use open sights and something light to bring up quick, it gives me a better chance to pull off a shot but usually there is a lot of brush in the way and the bullet never makes it or ends up deflected and just wounds the deer:(.stalkingis really hard to be honest. sometimes i stalk and sit for 20-30 minutes and move again. try using scent or rattles or bleat/grunt calls. keep a diary and log the moon phase, temp, wind speed and direction. mark on a map were you've seen deer run, bed etc. as far as hunting alone try public land. some areas are hunted hard at the begining of the season but get little pressure towards the end. other pieces of land are barrely touch. good luck and let use know how you do.

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