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trigger shy

Old 11-30-2005, 02:59 PM
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Default trigger shy

Ok, well opening day for gun season in ohio was monday. I didn't have any school, and I went hunting with my moms boyfriend for the day. It was getting late about 4:30PM. We walk up on 2 nice nice bucks. There was two bucks, and my moms boyfriend starts shotting at one. I was trigger shy. I didn't shot at the other one. Now that I think about it I wish I did. He told me I should of, and stuff. It was still fun. We was out all day monday hunting from 4:30 AM till dark. This is my first year hunting, and all. I'm only 13. I went out yesterday, but didn't see anything. I'm going out all day tomorrow, and saturday, and sunday.

Good luck to the rest!
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Default RE: trigger shy

It's better that you didn't pull the trigger. You need to be comfortable to make a good shot. When the time is right you'll pull the trigger. Good luck in the future.
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Default RE: trigger shy

are you comfortable with the gun you have, meaning can you shoot a couple boxes and not have any twitching or becoming gun shy. the first is always the toughest and the most nerve racking. once you get that first one down everytime after that it gets a little easier, just a little. your always going to have the juice pumping and your heart is always going to be racing a mile a minute but you learn to control it. good luck and as jonasato said," don't shoot till your ready and you have a shot".
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Default RE: trigger shy

Ican remember the first deer i ever shot out. Almost fell down in that golly i was shaking so bad.

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Default RE: trigger shy

Hang in there little buddy Deer are like women (Oh I better not go there)
when you feel right you willtake the right shot. There are plenty of other ones out there.
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Default RE: trigger shy

It's called Buck Fever!
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Default RE: trigger shy

You have the right attitude,you said it was still fun.You don't have to shoot to just have fun.
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Default RE: trigger shy

Don't worry about it man. If you don't feel comfortable taking a shot, don't. Good luck next time.
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Default RE: trigger shy

Never feel bad about passing on a shot unless you're getting to the point that you're beginning to miss sure things. I've passed on many shots that I might should have taken, but it's always to be sure than sorry. Like someone else said, keep practicing - and practice your quick shots at the range from hunting positions (standing, sitting, laying, etc.). When I say quick shot - practice slowly and only make it quicker as you can do that but still stay accurate - use a milk jug size target - so you can hit that every time. As you can do it quicker and quicker, you'll start to take those surprise shots in the field. Good luck and keep up the good work.
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Default RE: trigger shy

Hang in there. This is my 3rd year hunting and there are still shots that I don't feel real comfortable taking. Sometimes it the long range shots, close moving shots, or just any situation that I just don't feel real confident in taking a shot. I think it's better to pass then to just wound the deer. I'm a lot more confident in taking a shot with my bow then I am with my rifle, probably because I've practiced a lot more with the bow. Good luck and don't worry, you'll get one soon enough.
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