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What will I need?

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Default What will I need?

What all will I need to properly clean a deer? Thanks.
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Default RE: What will I need?

Basically a sharp knife, but I like to have a good clean place with a hand winch I can hang the deer and one of the folding Gerber meat saws is real handy. Other than that a little knowledge about what you are doing.
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Default RE: What will I need?

all you need are some filet knifes a saw and a meat grinder(for hamburger if you want it.) I've helped my cousin cut up my 3 deer this year so i kinda know what im doing. And make sure you hang it by the back legs and leave it hanging while you cut it.
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Default RE: What will I need?

A good skinning knife, deboneing knife, butcher knife and a clean table when you finish skinning it.You might want tohave the water hose next to you.
I usally hose it down before starting and use surgical gloves when butchering.
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Default RE: What will I need?

Are you trying to gut the deer or butcher the deer?

#1 Make sure your knives a very sharp and clean!
#2 Check out your local library on how to butcher animals.
#3 If this task is something you would not like to undertake contact your local meat processor. They can do as little or as much as you want.

Items you will need:
#1 Butcher paper-I use unlined white butcher paper that you can get at your local Sam's store.
#2 Plastic wrap-Wrap all your meat in plastic wrap before wrapping in butcher paper
#3 Knives that are very sharp
#4 A grinder of some sort for doing grinding.
#5 Stuffing tubes to fit your grinder.
#6 A butcher block or cutting board of some type-I use both hard maple cutting boards and the plastic one's
#7 Some casings to stuff sausage into whether that is natural or unnatural (colagen) edible and cow hide tubes (unedible).
#8 A recipe to follow for making different types of sausage
#9 Spices and cure for your sausage.
#10 Allot of trial and error

If butchering yourself:
Hang the deer by it's back legs and skin it using a skinning knife (has a curved edge). Then remove the tenderloins which are located inside of the body cavity close to the hind legs. There are two of them. Remove the front legs by pulling the leg back while cutting the between the meat. If you make the correct cut the leg will just come right off, then do the same to the other front leg. Lay these on a table until later. Cut the backstrap off by cutting across the meatat the point where the hind leg and backbone meet (do not cut through the bone). Then cut on both sides of thespine all the way down the spine and run your fingers down the spine to feel the seperation (2 people will make this go a little faster, 1 to cut & 1 to hold). Start cutting at the top on one side of the spine while pulling slightly on the backstrap and cut the meet from the bone when needed until you reach the bottom where it goes under the shoulder. Again cut across at this point and pullone side of the backstrap off. Do the other side just the same and lay it on the table. Now you will need to cut all the rest of the meat off the carcass except the hind legs. When your done with that you can either cut all the meat from the hind leg bones,cut the legs off at the joint or use a saw to cut the legsoff. It is your choice. I personally remove it at the joint. You now have the task of removing all the meat from thefront and rear legs. Remember that the leg from the knee toward the foot is very tough meat so itwould be great for ground deer or sausage.
Lay the backstraps out on a cutting board and make 2" slices, then slice the 2" slice in the middle but don't cut all the way through-You have just made your first butterfly steak. You can make these as think or thin as you prefer. Move to the front legs and cut all the meat from them. I usually justuse the meat for making sausage or jerky.Cut all the meat from thehind leg bones trying to keep the peices as large as you can. These can be cut into steaks, roasts, made into cured and smoked lunch meat orsliced and made into jerky or sausage-its up to your preference.

I will stop here and again recommend you read a few books before attempting this task. I am sure I have probably missed something since I don't usually think about while processing deer each year.

Good luck!
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