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Default RE: How do I scout this area?

I can understand your issue. In the past what I have done is started scouting during the mid morning and used sent block to try and eliminate my sent, though the deer may hear me scratching threw the woods they may not pick my sent up, there for not spooking them as much.

Deer are acustomed to hearing "things" moving in thier area but the rely on their noses, to detect if its of any threat.

In addition, in dense foliage try finding a source first i.e.;food water ect. Look for a deer trail and stick to it, and take your time. Don't try and do this all in one or two days.

I would suggest scouting areas that you are unformilar with before season, inturn if you do spooke deer by the time you have maped out your hunting strategy a few months or weeks before season you know exactly where you will be heading, in doing so with minimal disruption.

Good luck!

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Default RE: How do I scout this area?

Check ALL AROUND the perimeter for trails in and out of the field.

If there are deer bedding in, feeding in, or traveling through that area, they will have to leave evidence on the edge. In fact, the edge is probably a great place to ambush them. It's likely more open right there and you might be able to see them coming and be better prepared for a shot.

As JRED said, the best time for scouting new and/or dense areas is in the off-season. Go carefully, but if you spook 'em, so what? Now that the season is open (I'm assuming here since I can't tell where you're from until you join), your options will be limited. If you are in hilly terrain, maybe you can find some high ground overlooking the field and do some glassing with your binoculars without disturbing anything. Just an idea. Maybe this would at least give you a place to start.

As always, go quietly, slowly, and use the wind to your advantage by keeping it in your face as best you can. When you are IN the dense stuff, move as if you know there is a sharp-eared old buck within 20 yards.

Good luck!

Tell us how you do, and if you join, you can have on-going conversations instead of getting single replies.

Keep 'em all in the Bull.

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Default RE: How do I scout this area?

sounds like a bedding area - find the closest high quality food source and work your way back towards the thicket. You won't like want to hunt the thicket itself, hopefully you'll find good rubs/ and or scrapes in route to the feeding area.

Once the pre-rut is in - in your area, I'd concentrate on the area generally downwind of the thick area. The bucks will likely be scent checking the thicket in this manner - its just about as hard for them to locate receptive does in a thick area - as it is for you - they rely on their nose.

Good luck

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Default RE: How do I scout this area?

To scout this property,Id sneak around the edges of the area until I found a few trails.Then I,d find a spot with as much visibility as possible,just inside the tree line and use my binos to watch the area.Use the wind to yuor advantage!Then its just a wait and watch game.
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