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How would You hunt high wind?

Old 11-06-2005, 10:02 AM
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Default How would You hunt high wind?

I was wondering how you guys like to hunt when the wind is up? When is there just TO MUCH wind and how much is to much? I will hunt up to 20mph but I hate to ... when the wind is up I generally like to hunt open woods as my personal opinion is that deer like to travel open woods so they can at leastsee even if they can not hear or smell good ... what do you guys think?


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Old 11-06-2005, 10:47 AM
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

I've read both pro's and con's on hunting high wind. One is that scent dissapates faster, allowing u to get closer. con,it travels farther, so hunt the windcorrectly. 2nd, if staulking, your able to move more with the wind covering your noise. But in My experence, I don't see many deer moveing in high wind, untill late in the day when it starts to die down. Then they move pretty good.
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

Basically high winds - blow. The one thing I like to do when the winds pick up are stalk thru standing corn fields for bedded deer. You have to concentrate your focus ahead a bit and ALWAYS have your weapon pointed ahead in the rows.
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

hunt deep open hollows and valleys and bolws,usually they will stay in those areas if there is high winds and food is in those areas..
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

High wind is the best time to still hunt bedding areas. I killed a nice 8 pt. one day during the rut and a high wind situation. Stalked a creek bed up into a bedding area moving about as slow as a snail. Spotted the buck about 40 yards and feeding away. Tried to decide what to do when all of a sudden he turned and came walking in my direction. I went to full draw, he walked up to the edge of the creek and I released the arrow when he was standing broadside at 4 yards. Man, if that buck had ran toward me, I'd be dead right now. Never seen a deer move so fast! He died about 30 yards later.

Try it sometime! High winds make them a little nervous and if you put yourself in the right spot you may get lucky on an otherwise crappy day.
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

2 years ago I killed a BC #120 pt 8- pointer on a very gusting windy day at 4:30 in the afternoon in a thick beding area
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

I hunt the wind about 30 feet high, to try to get above it...

Or from the recliner, the sofa, or the computer chair at the house...
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

When the corn is standing I'll stalk it if it's cut I'll make points with the ole'lady.lol I don't like the idea of my scent blowing acrossed the county.
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

hunted my tried and proven (again and again) deer stand 2 days a halfhour before light till about noon or so 2 days in the early ML season for a doe.......didnt even see a tail....normally on the way out i always atleast see one....but im usually always dragging......both days were HIGH breeze...and gusts upto 30-40mph......the first day i wanted to sit all day.....but when trees started falling around noon i left lol.....i went back fall turkey hunting last week.....nice day....ground completely soaked from the rain the day before....i lost track of the deer i snuck up on still hunting trying to find turkeys......they were everywhere.......
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Default RE: How would You hunt high wind?

Or from the recliner, the sofa, or the computer chair at the house...
Thats about the best places to hunt from on windy days, unless you are doing some stalking!
Deer depend on their hearing, and ability to see movement for survival.
In the wind, there is too much noise, and every tree branch is moving, so deer will not move much. I have read that during very high winds, that the deer will go ahead and move. But usually its just not worth the effort to hunt windy days.
The only exception I've seen is when I hunted Sonora Tx. The wind seemed to always be blowing, and you'd still see deer moving! On the odd days when it was really calm, you didn't see much deer movement!
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Quick Reply: How would You hunt high wind?

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