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Do you guys think....

Old 11-05-2005, 06:41 PM
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Default Do you guys think....

That deer hunting is more fun individually or with a group?

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Default RE: Do you guys think....

Together with family and friends thats the way it should be. They make really good dogs! Just send them in the thicket and have your stand set up on the other side, in no time all the deer will coming right to you!!
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

I would say that hunting with a group is way more fun, tan hunting alone. I used to hunt with 4 other guys, but we lost our hunting grounds, and we couldnt find a spot that was big enough for all of us. Plus, I was just starting to get into bow hunting, and none of the other guys did. The land that I scored on to go bow huunting was real close to my house, and the landowner will not let anyone hunt on it but me. He liked to gun hunt but not bow hunt, but he didnt have anyone to hunt with, so he asked me to gun hunt with him, and then I could bow hunt there too, but no one else. Its a good thing that my wife likes to track deer, other wise I would have to do that by myself too. She works with the landowners wife.I dont really mind bow hunting alone, but its nice to have someone to share the morning hunt with.
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

I have hunted with two friends for years. We lost our place this year, and they decided not to hunt this year. I happened to get on another lease at the last minute, but its just not the same!
There was a time that I could spend a week hunting, and camping alone. The last few years have been much more fun, having friends around the campfire, and the buckpole when you've had a long days hunt!
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

Always more enjoyable when there is someone to share it with. Not to mention it's a lot safer too.
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

personally, I like to hunt alone durring the first seven days of the season then after that, our group usually does two drives a day for the last two days. I like to hunt with myself because, I get time to spend with myself with no one around me. Just me and nature alone together.
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

I enjoy it more when there's at least, one buddy hunting with me. Of course, I'm a social person and like to "shoot the breeze" (most of the time, it's the only thing I end up shooting anyways.)

But every once in awhile I like to get out there by myself. Gives me time to reflect on life, think about things, and is quite peaceful.
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

At camp it is great to have a bunch of people around the campfire. But once we areint eh stands, leave me alone. That is my time, something I do not get cause all I do is go to work, go to school, have 2 children and a husband, the only othe rtime I get alone is in the shower and that is very rare cause the 3 yr can unlock the door.

So whie I prefer to have everbody in the club there, that is fine when the hunt is over, when were hunting, nope I go it alone, I do not even like walking to the stand with someone else, like if they have a stand somewhere nearby. I usually leave 30 mins before everyone else.

My husband talked about hunting together one time and I was like NOPE. I only get thsi 3 month a year. My time, with God, the nature me and whatever animals I am watching at the moment or none...lol
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

I like hunting in groups of friends.
I used to hunt with a group of people before I got
A truck driving job.
Wich took all of my time driving.
I don't drive a truck any more but the people
I hunted with don't hunt together any more.
And every one around me now are to busy or
Just don't hunt. [:@] How could you not want to hunt ?

That is my time, something I do not get cause all I do is go to work, go to school, have 2 children and a husband
All I can say is Lucky husband to have a wife and hunting,
In the same sentence LoL

The closest my wife gets to hunting is gripeing about me hunting. [:'(]

My time, with God
You must be a christion so I like that.

You go Girl and have fun hunting and be safe.
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Default RE: Do you guys think....

While I'll soon be taking my grandson hunting for the first time after he gets his HE card I generally prefer to hunt alone . I like the solitude of the Fall/Winter woods , it gives me a chance to think in peace .
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