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shot placement questions

Old 10-20-2005, 12:27 AM
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Default RE: shot placement questions

This may not be very popular, but if I'm hunting for meat, I take a head shot when I can be certain of the shot. If I'm going for trophy, it's a whole different story and I go with one of the shots above depending on which one presents itself.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

Very good question. I was curious about this myself. This following is "my" opinon. I'm mainly an archery hunter, however, I black powder and rifle hunt as well. I have taken two deer over the last 5 year's both with a bow with neck shot's. A very nice 8 point: the shot that was presented was a neck shot at about 20 yards. (Keep in my, I shoot my bow far more than the average archery hunter.) Figured I could break the neck and have a quick humane kill. After the shot the buck did not drop, in fact, tore out of there to stop about 50 yards away,stand there for a couple of minutes then walk away. After climbing down and out of my stand. I discovered the absolute biggest blood trail I had ever seen with a bow hit. Make a long story short, thebuck was just yard's from the last place I seen him. There was a 3" or so portion of the neck, wind pipe, etc., gone. Was that a good shot? NO !!! Pure luck of a hit. I'm very lucky to have killed the buck. Believe me, to hard of a shot with a bow. (I have a pic of the mount, you can see the shot from the hide, if anyone can tell me how to reduce the photo I can send it.) Secondly, on a hunting trip in southern Ohio a couple of year's ago. The land owner defianetly wanted us to take some does to help reduce the doe to buck ratio. Lo and behold my second neck shot was presented. I took it. Dropped the doe, was not an immediate kill. She kicked around for several minute's. By the time I got down and to her, she had died. However, after taking the hide off and processing the doe, it became apparent why again not to shoot a deer in the neck with a bow. Both front shoulder's, the neck, and even the backstraps were completely blood shot. Why, how??? To this day I don't know. What I do know, is that the doe was an absolute mess. Considering my experience's, I don't recommend taking a deer with a neck shot with a bow. I'm lucky with the first story, second was just very unpleasant. Gun hunting total different situation from the post's listed here. I would agree with about all I have read.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

I got lucky two years ago and killed a 145 class 14 point buck with a spine shot. The reason I got lucky is between aiming for its shoulder,buck fever, and my stand moving a little in a sudden gust of wind I should have missed completely. I couldn't imagine shooting for the spine or neck or a deer and a head shot is only an option at close range with a non-trophy deer. Everytime I aim at a deer its boiler room or high shoulder.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

the only deer i've killed was with a neck shot and i know people who exclusively use the neck shot. it all depends on your capabilities and how well you feel about it. it would take neck shots on close nonmoving animals. if i weren't going to take a neck shot i would probably take the high shoulder shot to put them down. with the neck shot the deer i shot dropped and so has everyother one that my friend has. it can work and work very very well. but like many people have said it can be a risky shot. if you aren't comfortable with the a neck or shoulder shot by all means go with the vital shot.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

I shot an 9-point two years ago with an accidental neck shot he was about 30 yards out and at a trot after a doe, well he stopped a split second before i pulled the trigger and i was leading him, BOOM down he goes, stopped him in his tracks but that was with a 12 gauge, it was nice not having to track him but i would never intentionally take that shot. 99% of the time i wont shoot at a moving target but he wouldnt stop for my grunts and whistles.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

well behind the shoulder is a great shot to have, but isn't always avaliable. for example, my buck i shot this year never offered a broadside shot or qartering away shot behind the shoulder. instead i had to take an ify shot while he was facing me just a little bitand try to hit the liver. it worked out good and killed him fast and with little suffering.neck shots i have heard both sides on it. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. never tried it and don't really wanttoo. it all depends on what is avaliable at the time.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

I was watching the Gander Mtn show on OLN last week, and they had some pro hunter in Canada after some big bucks, bow hunting.

I was watching as my usual self, and it got to the point of the show where a very nice buck came in and the impact was going to happen.

He pulled back and let her rip....I almost jump right out of the chair...the wife even asked what was wrong...He nailed the buck about 15-20 yards out right into the spine further aft of the vital area. The thing dropped like a rock, I mean like a boulder, and piled up dead.

It was very cold out there, he was bundled up big time, so I don't know if it was on accident on part of shaking from the cold, or if it was dead-on on purpose. The buck was in the clear fully broadside. The show never addressed the issue, and I wish they would have. That's the first time I've ever reacted to a hunting show on TV, beyond the "oh, nice buck" comments.

I have no problem with other shot possibilities, if the shooter is confident enough to take that shot and make it count.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

ORIGINAL: BuckBox Displays

If you're aiming at a big one, take him out at the shoulder, drop him in his tracks!
Of course you need an almost perfect broadside shot to break both shoulders.If you only break one shoulder,the deer will rarely drop in it's tracks.
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Default RE: shot placement questions

When I was hunting in Maryland ,I had a deer run very fast by me sideways. I thought fast and put the open sights right in the middle of the deer on his back bone area. I hit the back bone{Spine} and the deer went down immediately.

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Default RE: shot placement questions

I used a neck shot once at close range on a big whitetail. It hit part of the spine and knocked him down but I had to finish him off. It was VERY close to a perfect shot and VERY close to a perfect miss. Too risky for me.
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Quick Reply: shot placement questions

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