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Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

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Default Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

At my deer camp we have a tradition of playing tricks on each other. The only rule is that it can't screw up anyone's actual hunt. The best one that has happened to me was a few years ago. I'd had a couple of beer before bed, and was out like a light. One of my partners set up over 20 rat traps around my sleeping form. Every time I moved, snap! I woke up with traps hanging all over my longjohns. I got him back the next year by cunnung open his Glossette Rasins, filled the box with deer turds, and glued the box shut. Funny thing was though, he said the deer poop wasn't all that bad.

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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

That is funny!

I posted one that happened to me a couple of year back in "the dumbest post" but I will recap it for you.

I turned in early, my buds decided to have a couple of extras and removed my TP from my pack. Well as luck would have or maybe a the real plan, had the worst coffee camp ever, an hour into the journey I needed to go and now. Stop, dropped, dumped and no roll. Well to make this short I used my gloves to clean up the rear region. I found out later about the gag and got back at the ring leader by placing the soiled gloves in his pack...a future reminder of who not to mess with in camp when they are asleep.

Another true story, we always intiate newbie's in some way or other. Well one of buddies Bro-in-law, wanted to come and get into this act. He asked the usual questions about buck and does. He then asked well can you tell the difference by the sign they leave. Well I matter of factly all serious like go into some real but not so real explaination & ways. I said the best way is to smell and then taste the pee they deposit. He kind of looked at me like I smoked to much weed, but got full agreement from the seasoned guys. He then realized this must be true and asked "what is the difference" and "how do they taste". The old oh not bad at all, a bucks is "Musky, sort of like wood" and a doe's is "blan, sort of like a bannana". Not one of us cracked a smile or batted an eye, all spur of the moment. He stated well i ain't going to do that, I will just stick to their tracks and when I see the animal. The next day at lunch....he walks up and said "your guys tastes buds are the sh*ts.....it all tastes like piss to me and sh*ty at that!!!!"

I actually felt bad, but laughed for a year about his expression and comment that day. The good news he is now pulling gangs with us and does sometimes smile but most times he winces with disbelief he even attempted it!

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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

I was walking back to camp one afternoon and about 200 yds before I mad camp I noticed one of my buddies sitting and a log taking care of last night chili. He had a news paper with him as he would have if he was at home. I took a picture of him with out his knowledge. I sent the pic to his wife via e-mail without his knowledge. For his birthday the iceing on his cake was decorated to match the pic. And the pic was framed as a gift. He still does not know where the pic came from.

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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

Last year the guys got me even an old timer. We have a llot of porcpines around our camp in Pa. They kept talking about porcupine eggs and they were laying now , etc etc etc, The first night I got in bed and they had brought up some cocklburs and put in my sleeping bag, and kept talking talking about nests in the camp, when I got in bed I hit those spiney sharp cockleburs , and all I heard was we told you they were laying and nesting this time of year. By the last night I had probably found the last one..
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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

i am one of those who have to play tricks on the newbies and last year was no exception,we were at elk camp and we had one new guy who was a one of those guys who always got up and fixed the coffee for everyone at camp.well i kept warning him when he goes in the cook tent be careful there my be a bear in there getting a snack sometime,well he is from a state that has no bears and truly petrified of them.on the third night i ran my cassette caller speaker over to the tent and got out a bear tape which has some excellent growls and popping on it.he got up put on his boots and headed over to the tent and i told i had left the lantern on the table,which wasn't telling the truth i had taken the lantern out that night.well of course everybody was awake and waiting.we heard him zip the tent back up and he went towards where he thought the lantern was.what he didn't know was there was a bear hide in front of him and he would have to trip over it.well we heard "oh sht" i pushed the button and the volume was on high and i never heard so much screaming knocking down tables and so much cussing in my life,he comes running over to our tent screaming something about a bear in the tent and we rolling around on the ground tears pouring, out belly aching laughing.he took it very well though considering. we call him the coffe man now,but do you know everytime we ask him to fix the coffee he mutters something about ,you can take that damn coffee can and stick it up your and something and revenge is sweet.the caller works real well with a mountain lion tape by the bathroom to,but thats a different story.
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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

Last year at our bow camp one of the guy's brought up a new guy and this guy bragged and bragged that he could out shoot, out hunt, never get's the ol'buck fever and etc. So the friend who brought him wanted to trick him someway and he left the task up to my brotherinlaw and me, so we took a deer decoy, took the horn's i use for rattlin and stuck them on the decoy, we took it out the night before where this guy had his stand,the next mornin i left earlier than everyone else with a video cam and set up where i could tape it he finally got in his stand and when it just started to get light he noticed it now the way he was moving and shaking i thought he was going to climb the tree higher he finally calmed down some and tried to shoot he shot 6 times and didn't even come close he was out of arrow's and just stood there looking at it , now he decided to get down now i thought he had figured it out but when he got down he walked real slow away until he was 60 yard's then he took off on a run toward's camp so i thought it was all done so i was packin stuff up was ready to get the decoy and here he come back with more arrow's climed back up and he shot again 3 more times, I gave it all away because i couldn't hold the laugh in any more he was a little mad but laughed with us we take the tape out and watch it over and over
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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

o man these are great! we joke around alot but nothing like this at the deer camp we goto...i was going to put a deer siloet by the pond to see whos the dummie running for their gun to blast the deer before first lite...but the area is small and the first shot sends them all to hiding so i decided i wouldnt do that...im still laughig about some of these!

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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

These are great..Here is a few. The guys at deer camp, had a large rubber rat tied to a string on a cupboard door. So anyone visiting they would tell them to get a cup for coffee. Instant rat in the face and worked every time. My dad got a 1 1/2 foot tall rat and 1 foot in diameter with big teeth. He placed it in the outhouse either next to the toilet roll or behind the outhouse door. So when they close the door or reach behind the rolled paper, "Grinny" would greet them. Another time, in bow season, my dad and a young newbie were a few hills back after sunset. I sat in the dark waiting for them along the trail. Dad had the kid worked up on mt lion/coyote and yes BIGFOOT stories. So when they got close, I grabbed the kid's leg and yelled. Scared the **** out of him. Dad got this from the Jerry Clower story of the guy fishing with dynamite. So dad knew somebody that had worked with dynamite in the past and now does craft stuff. Well this guy took a dowel rod of the right size and placed a red, wax coated paper on it. Drilled a hole on the end to hold a cannon fuse. Dad's old partner told two guys at the cabin next door that they had a new way to hunt squirrels. BY the way one of the guys was one disability for bad feet and multiple surgerys. They said do you remember that ol den tree on the hill, well it not there anymore. We put a stick of dynamite in and it "rained squirrels". Well dad's partner pulled out the fake stick of dynamite and handed to the guy. Before the guy realized it the partner lit the fuse. Lets say ol dave had no problem running. That night the rest of the crew 12 or more came to camp and was real drunk. They were all playing poker and surrounded the little table in the kitchen. There is only two in the cabin, the front door and back door which is in the kitchen. They had nailed the back door shut before the crew came in. Dave then took the dynamite and his friend, playing along said "Dave you know you play with dynamite when your drunk" Dave was near the front door and lit the fuse. He turn and pretended he was going to throw it out the front door. During his throw it flew backwards into the kitchen. Well the poker and money got flipped over and everyone was fighting to get the back door open. One more to add. I saw thison a Buckmasters tribute show to "BUBBA" He was in the woods and told his viewers to see if it is buck or doe poop he would taste it. MY newbie brother-in-law is coming down to the cabin and I'm going to get some chocolate covered peanuts and raisins to mess with him!!!!
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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

Everyone that I hunt with knows I have a huge phobia of snakes (especially rattlers). Last year while javelina hunting a few of the guys came across a huge rattler and shot it. They came back to camp and told me they stopped in town and picked up some coors light and I can have one instead of the keystone light I brought. I went over, opened the lid to the ice chest to find this giant rattler coiled up in the cooler. Well, after a loud scream and lots of laughing on their part, I realized they didn't even get me any coors light!
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Default RE: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

Similar to az's story. I was at a friend's camp several years ago for labor day weekend and they were setting up for deer season between morning and afternoon dove hunts. We were out on 4 wheelers and almost ran over a large rattlesnake. One of the guys I was with killed it and took it back to camp. One of the other guys had his tower blind on his flatbed trailer and he was painting the blind. They put the head end of the snake under the edge of the trailer with most of it still out and waited for the guy to work his way around our side again. He almost jumped out of his skin.
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Quick Reply: Anyone play tricks on thier hunting partners?

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