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Buck and Doe POOP

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

Well, if size of poop is indicative to size of animal, why is it my 7 year old daughter can poop a freakin' toilet cobra?!?!?!?!? LOL

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

I have to agree. You can't tell the sex by the droppings. It's all based on the food source.

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

I've never been able to tell myself. All i know is if it's big droppings then it's a big deer and if it's small it's a small deer.
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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

I learned long ago that the type of scat is dependent on what they are feeding on. Deer are primarily browsers but they will take advantage of succulent spring grasses and any available alfalfa field.

Browse scat is always in pelets. Grazing scat will always be in clumps.

Elk on the other hand are primarily grazers. During the fall and into winter they too will browse. Clumpy during the grazing period, pellets during the browsing season.

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

Sure there is a difference. It's easy to tell buck poop from doe poop.
Just use the chart below. The chart was downloaded from a polish website and is the most accurate I've seen.

<font size=2><font color=navy>Look and Feel of Dropping.... What it belongs to</font id=navy>

<font color=red>small, wet fuzzy look...... small, immature buck = pre-rut

large, dark black and shiny (soft)..... BIG, 10 pt that ate collard greens recently = full rut

small, dainty, soft, oblong shape..... small, immature doe = pre-rut

large, dainty, hard, perfectly round..... really large doe rabbit = in heat

large, oblong, hard and smells ok....... large doe (over 180 lbs) in estrous

large glob, loose, some undigested corn, smells awful..... probably from my brother in law
</font id=red></font id=size2>

See how easy it is???

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

If you can spot the poop at the time of manufacture, it is easier to tell the sex of the deer. I have also heard that hormonal changes to bucks during the fall, tend to make their poop more clumpy.

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

hey one thing you never do is show me a rabbit turd and tell me its chocolate it better be a rabbit turd.LOL

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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

Ive seen deer droppings the size of my fist. (clumped up) Right in the vicinity of a huge rub. but I have also watched a buck drop his mess and it wasnt in clumps. I think from experience that the clumps of deer droppings are from mature deer that bed most of the day. I also think that it depends on what there eating. I check this out when scouting. The color of the droppings usually give ya an idea of what there eating. and the size of the droppings can give ya a reason to hunt an area......... Good Luck to all this year
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Default RE: Buck and Doe POOP

Last night on the Babe Winkleman show (Oct 8) they had this information on their hunter trivia section. The main difference in doe and buck poop is that the bucks have a minimum of 75 pellets when they do the potty thing.........honest.

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