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building your own stands

Old 08-03-2005, 03:15 PM
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Default building your own stands

with hunting being so exspensive these days wondering if anyone has any instructions or tips on building your own tree stands.

Good hunting
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Default RE: building your own stands

jmac, check the reg's in your state before you go nailing to any tree!
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Default RE: building your own stands

I bought several of the Remington 300 mag hang on stands for $65 each off of the net. They are comfortable, and most of all safe. With the cost of wood, and metal being what it is, it is basically cheaper to just buy your stands. Especially if you consider doctor bills into the equasion. Good luck
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Default RE: building your own stands

2-10' 2x4
2-8' 2x4
1 sheet plywood.
10' legs
8' for seat and step, plywood on top. cost- 40bux
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Default RE: building your own stands

I make ladder stands that are very cheap and easy to build. Get (3) 16' 2x4's, cut one of the 2x4's up for steps and screw them onto the other two which will give you the ladder. Then cut two lateral braces, onefor each side,and two pieces that attach from the top of theladder to the braces. Onceyou have this done get a 6' treated deck board and cut it into 2' lengths for the seat and attach them to thepiece that connects the ladder to the brace.I hope this makes sense as they are very easy to build.
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Default RE: building your own stands

Here's a lok on I build, hunted out of them for years. Actually this is a picture of a buddies, mine don't have seats, I prefer to stands. One sheet of 3/4 inch treated plywood, some 1"manilla rope, and some outdoor carpet or no skid tape/paint, and some screws is all you need. One sheet will build 6 stands.....I use every inch of a sheet. To hang the stand, hold itparallel with the tree put the rope around which passes through some slot and holes in the stand, and then it goes throughv-notches on thebottom of the stand.....pull down from the front and the rope and stand tightens to the tree. It's difficult to explain, but if your interested I couldshow you somestep-by-stepdirections. No worries on scarring the trees, I use strap on steps and the stand doesn't hurt the tree a bit. If your interested, I can post or email the specifics. It's a really slick idea, at least I think. I'll post my other stand in a few. Oh yeah, and liquid nails on all the joints will prevent any squeeks. The design also lets it to be backpacked in with the rope... Like I said, I've hunted out of them for years and got most of my buddies hooked on em'. There about $15 bucks apiece once you figure in the rope. A poor man has poor ways.....and for all the skeptics, I wear a safety belt, but haven't used it yet.

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Default RE: building your own stands

The above lok on has a chain, but I'm sticking with the rope...like I said that's a buddies modified version....mine are up a tree. Now for my favorite stand...I call it the wedge.I think basspro or cabelas sold something similar called a crotch stand. The pic shows the hinges and as you might expect it wedges tightly into the fork of a tree. It puts an awesome bite on the trees. I like it because you can lean on either tree and have good camo from two sides. Also, it's light and cheap ~$15....depending on the hinges you use. I prefer some quality hinges and boltthem on if I usea wood platform. I have ametal all-weldedversiontoo....it must still be up atree....I'll find it next season I'm sure. If you use wood, I prefer atreated 2x10 or 2x12. The key on wood is to put a piece of all thread (5/16) all the way through the platform on each side ofhinges (across the grain of the wood. This prevents splitting and if itdoes crack it won't break in two, plus you can tighten it periodically if asqueak develops. Wood get slick, so use some nonskid tape, or fix a square of expanded metal on the top. I know you all are thinking "mouse trap", but I love em' both. I can build about 15 stands for the priceofone climber. And, using one stand or the other, they will fiton most any tree...for the lok on you only need an 8" straight section of a trunk.I'm stillyoung, 28, so I still climb pretty well, I'm sure these wouldn't be the best for everyone, but it's what I prefer.I stilllike standing on a goodsolid oak limbvs. anystand.

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Default RE: building your own stands

To make a long story short........this is why I would not go with that plan. Most ladder stands are a royal pain to carry around the woods. Also, you are limited to the heighth. A climber weighs a whole lot less and is easier to move. Plus, you are not showing every Tom ,Dick and Harry where your hot spot is. Put some money aside and get yourself a Summit my friend. It is more comfortable, lighter and it will get your scent up higher. I have built around 10 and wished I would have gotten a Summit along time ago.
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Default RE: building your own stands


Most ladder stands are a royal pain to carry around the woods. Also, you are limited to the height. A climber weighs a whole lot less and is easier to move.
Ladder stands have their place , especiallyon land where you're hunting alone , but they've neverreally been considered portable because of their weight and lengthy set up . Climbers have their place too , especially on heavily hunted public land .

I'm gonna get a couple of ladders, one solo-one tandem , and set them up on my property for myself and my grandkids . Ladders are probably the safest elevated stands around since they are very stable and securely fastened to the tree , perfect for teaching kids to hunt. Height really isn't an issue to me since most of them are at or above the "magic" 15' , and you can always drape a fabric blind around them for added concealment . They all come with fall arrest gear these days , so other than climbing or descending the ladder you're pretty safe .

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Default RE: building your own stands


can you weld?
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Quick Reply: building your own stands

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