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A question of ethics

Old 07-22-2005, 02:20 PM
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Default A question of ethics

Ok what would you do in this situation? You're out hunting one day and you dont have a doe tag. Eventually this old crippled doe comes dragging herself along. Would you shoot her and put her out of her misery, or would you pass and stay within the boundaries of the law?
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Default RE: A question of ethics

Pass. This is all part of nature. Don't put yourself in jeopardy
by trying to "help". Even though your intentions are good.

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Default RE: A question of ethics

The Ethical thing to do is shoot it..But personally I'd
Pass.....Report to Officer if its in real bad shape..Let them make the decision as to shoot it or have some preditor look after it......
Happened to me moose hunting a few years ago...I jumped a cow moose out of hiding it hobbled about 25yrds and bedded down.Couldn't walk anymore..
I did think about shooting it...but figured I'd just find myself in heap load of red tape....So I reported what I saw....
Don't know what happened to it after...
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Default RE: A question of ethics

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Default RE: A question of ethics

Very Sad - But Legally you gotta let her walk or limp away, whatever the case might be.

I did put down a doe last year(I had doe tags) that had been shot 2-3 days prior in the jaw with a muzzleloader. Won't go into details but it was nasty. Gave the deer to a friend who was hunting that day.

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Default RE: A question of ethics

If I had a buck only tag I would pass, however, here in Iowa the tags are either any sex or doe only and I usually have multiple tags so I would have put it down it then. I don't like seeing them suffer either myself, but wouldn't risk getting in a crap load of trouble as I have too much invested into this sport to mess up and get caught. JMO
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Default RE: A question of ethics

Depends. A badly limping deer can be deceiving. They look a lot worse than they are. If its just a leg wound she'll be fine. Did I hear shots from the immediate direction in which she ran from? Do I know someone VERY close with a tag. In 99.9% of the cases she'd keep going, because deer are very resiliant. If I could visually see that she was very critically injured and someone had JUST shot. I might shoot and track the person down if I felt it was close enough and save them a track job. but most likely I'd hope they come along and I'd help them continue the chase.
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Default RE: A question of ethics

pass, as said above all part of nature.
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Default RE: A question of ethics

God, I know it sounds terrible but you have to let nature take its course. Coyotes have to eat too and besides the trouble you could get into could be some bad %#[email protected]
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Default RE: A question of ethics

Have to pass on this one.
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