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How do you find a funnel

Old 06-26-2005, 08:48 PM
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Default How do you find a funnel

I know what one is But i dont know exactly where to look for one and what it looks like when i find one
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

But i dont know exactly where to look for one
I find them in the kitchen draw we always keep a couple of funnels close and handy

On a serious note funnels can be a lot of things from rivers,roads,fields or cliffs.

Where ever there is something that will narrow down an area that the deer travel.
Having a Topo map combined with an areal photoof your hunting area will show you the natural funnels as well as some man made funnels such as roads.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

The easiest way is to find them on maps first, and then to sit in them to watch the deer movement. Sometimes what looks ok in the field is so much more obvious on the map.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

I always call them highways and I usually hunt the interstate. You can usually find these along a buffer, that being a road, fenceline, rockface, pastures, and ect. and within a 100 yrds of a buffer you should find some highways running paralell to it and cheque out where it forks. Try not to walk or rub up against branches on these trails. Good Luck.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

I too have a hard time recognizing funnels. I like what 121553 says though, and the one funnel I lucked into conforms with his description.

I arrived at my deer hunting ground on opening morning late last year -- my niece was dragging her feet. I placed my niece and my son at what I considered to be the optimal spots -- overlooking a large pond that has historically provided a lot of opportunity (and it did this morning, also). I climbed up and over a hill that surrounded the pond and tucked myself into some brush overlooking a trail that ran along the fenceline that abutted a road. I saw deer tracks in the poor morning light getting to my spot -- the ground was very wet from recent rains. The hillside sloped down from me. I was tucked back into some brush with yet heavier brush on the hill climbing above me. As I said, a trail led parallel to the fenceline, through some short thin brush that included a few persimmon trees. I heard a shot from the pond about 8 AM and lamented my fate, just knowing my position was lame and not going to produce -- too close to the trail (maybe 35 yards away), the deer would certainly see me. Well, about five minutes after the shot from the pond, a doe came walking nervously up the trail from my right, from the pond. I tried to raise my rifle, but the doe would look at me. I froze and averted my eyes. When she dropped her head to the ground and I began to slowly lift my gun, she would again lift her head and look directly at me. We played this way for what seemed like five minutes and she ran off -- I didn't bother to try a snap shot as I figured this was a low probability. About 45 minutes later a second doe came up the trail, this time from the left, and this doe was totally carefree and oblivious to me. I was able to lift my rifle slowly and even reposition and dig in my heels in a sitting position to set-up for the shot.

Anyway, later I realized this trail was a funnel. The deer could not travel across the fence -- a 15' drop off occured down to the road across the fence. They could travel behind me, but the brush was very thick and going was difficult. The trail connected a bottom area around a creek that was heavily wooded and the brushy hillside. It provided some cover -- and there were some persimmons there to munch on in passing. The abundance of tracks were kind of a clue also. Even not perceiving this as a funnel, the tracks indicated the deer traveled here commonly.

A funnel probably provides a little bit of cover so the deer can feel somewhat comfortable and it should be easier than some other more difficult or impossible route. A shallow spot of a stream. A spot in a stream where the banks are low next to the water.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

You won't find them by sitting where you are and typing. Get out into the woods, you'll find them quick enough. Deer are creatures of habit.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

I use topo maps and aerial photos to ID funnels from above , then pound the ground to find the hot spots .
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

Picture your deer stand as sitting at the tip of the neck on a funnel. Everthing in or around the circumferance(sp) moves to YOU.
If your hunting private land you can create funnels by cutting out small paths that will force deer to travel into your gun sights. I've done this with several stands on a farm I've been hunting for 7 yrs. One of the tricks is obviously, not to funnel deer to close to stand. Its alot of work initially but once you get a funnel set up it will pay off big time.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

I use the website www.terraserver.microsoft.com to get an arial photo of my hunting area and pick them out from there.
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Default RE: How do you find a funnel

what is the best time to hunt funnels? morning, mid-day, evening
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Quick Reply: How do you find a funnel

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