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montana and wyoming have big game as well!

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montana and wyoming have big game as well!

Old 05-27-2007, 10:32 PM
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Default montana and wyoming have big game as well!

I live in colorado and it seems that more and more the front range areas are getting harder and harder to draw. My pal lives in the springs and missed 4 alternates in the deer and elk seasons (staggered) and is forced to try for leftover. We have seen increased numbers of out of state cars in these areas and although it is good to see folks hunting and the revenue it generates, it is starting to get old! I am now contemplating paying the 250 bucks to do a cow elk hunt in wyoming just to get away from crowds. I think the hunting is genuinly better up there anyway. So, if your an out of state hunter, we are glad to have you, but please consider spreading the love Wyoming and montana needmoney too! EJ
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Old 05-27-2007, 11:03 PM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

While I feel for you. Wyomings hunting licenses for NR are on a percentage basis. Usually not much for leftover licenses unless the area(s) has difficult access.
When I lived in Southern Wyoming, we always knew when it was Spring as all the license plates turned Green. Even in the summer and fall, it is usually elbow to elbow with all of the fishermen (mostly from Colorado.)
Makes me wonder why they don't stay home and fish instead of coming up here.
Fact is the World is getting crowded. If it was not for the out of state license fees, Residents would be paying alot more than we do. Even in Colorado.
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Old 05-28-2007, 12:35 AM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

Not really Wy has been running billion+ state budget surpluses the last few yrs& if they spent our moneys a lot more wisely they would have a lot more even & could lower fees & taxes for the citizens of the state.

Its always pretty green where i go fishing to esp seminoe res& some other places& its not from rain.

Hunting in the medicine bows, snowy range etc has been looking pretty darn crowded for the last 5+ yrs or so at leastto me .
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Old 05-28-2007, 01:10 AM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

Start bowhunting, I hunt both Wyo and Colorado and have not had a problem with crowding !
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Old 05-28-2007, 08:10 AM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

I assume you know that CO. still gives the highest percentage of tags to residents and it has been that way for, well, for ever I do beleive.I don't remember for sure, but I think residents get 60% of the tags and NR are elegible for the other 40%. So if you're seeing an increase of NRlicense plates in any one area, it's just because some NR have discovered that one little area, but then if that's so, that means there are some other areas with fewer NR license plates.
Two ways that a guy can avoid crowds that comes to my mind. Take up archery and/or get further off of the road.
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Old 05-28-2007, 08:20 AM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

Most of the time people wach the hunting shows that have elk hunts and deer hunts and some antelope hunts and they are all based out of colorado. That is probably why there is an increase in out of state hunters in your area. But most people don't even consider wyoming because some don't even know its around, I had one person ask me if wyoming was still a state, I told them no it's part of canada.
Last year was my first year hunting in wyoming and I didn't think it was too crowded I have seen fewer people and then I have seen more people. I like the way wyoming is and don't want to see more people hunting here. we get enoungh money from the oil industry I think.
I agree with Howler and if you don't want to see people go at differents times and go in deeper.
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Old 05-28-2007, 09:20 AM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

There is still some good fihin here, but it is midweek or it is waaaay out there. Hunting however is a different story. I think yjluke has it nailed, alot of these shows are based out of colorado. We gat waaay off the road and got our elk, deer and antelope last year, but the problem was getting to it. We srarted in one afternoon and there were about 3-4 hunters 200 yards off the road screaming that we were ruining thier hunt. You have to walk past these loosers to get to the places 2-3 miles in. Barely anyone is successful 200 yards off the road. They got stuck later and we had to pull them out, faces were red and they confessed to being from kansas. We welcomed them, but mentioned that with crowds of hunters they should learn patience. We were 25 miles west of hot sulpher springs. When I hunted in wyoming last year, it was dramatically less crowded. I would love to live there. EJ
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Old 05-28-2007, 02:22 PM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

I believe that much of the overcrowding, regardless of where you are, is due to the private land owners shutting down their places to the public. These land owners are finding out that the big game animals on there land are worth big dollars to the right people, mainly outfitters or people wealthy enough to afford to lease theseprime hunting spots.Unfortunately hunting is becoming a rich man's sport. These are just some of my thoughts and I hope that they will help shed some light on the subject.
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Old 05-28-2007, 02:51 PM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

Yeah, you are onto something. The thing is that you dont wanna discourage people from hunting, but the quality of the hunt has deteriorated dramatically in the 12 years I have been hunting. I think What I must do is change my expectations from what I am used to to what I must accept since I dont have money for a private hunt. Money talk regretfully. EJ
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Old 05-28-2007, 10:45 PM
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Default RE: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

I think eipaul1 is on the right track. It is good to see people hunting. However I think there are many points we all miss until you are in them. I lived in Colo. for 24 years and hunted every minute I could. I now live in Kansas for the past 26 years. I can see the issue from both sides. I still have friends and family that still live in Colo. Plus I know many good spots to go and get elk and deer. So I apply and hope to get drawn when I can. I also am fortunate enough to be able to apply in several states. With luck I draw in at least one state that I am a non-resident in. So somebody is going to see my non-resident tags and complain. As a resident I applied for certain tags anddidn't got drawn as a non-resident I apply for tags and didn't get drawn. As a Colo. resident I had 6 points for bighorn sheep. I then moved to Kansas. Applied for 3 year and then the dept. did away with the point system. A few years later they came back with the point system in a different format. But you couldn't use your previous points I had 7 points for Ranching for Wildlife when they did away with non-residents being able to do this type of hunt. Kansas has been hard hit with a huge influx of non-resident hunters. Many of the residents I know have lost many of the ranches they had to hunt. At this point I am fortunate there also I have been hunting the same ranch for the past 26 year. Thank God that the rancher I hunt on has not given in to the big money floating around out there. I have 25,000 acres to hunt and am greatful for every minute I have to hunt on it. My family and a few choice friends get to hunt this ranch. Don't get me wrong I have had my days when I too complained about over crowding and non-residents (no matter which state I lived in). I met a guy in Kansas 8 year ago that I am good friends with now. He was hunting some public land in Kansas and asked for a hand. He was just an average Joe like me out looking to hunt. Why did he hunt Kansas? Because he couldn't afford the $10,000 it took to take a whitetail on a high fence ranch in Texas. So his total investment of $800.00 to hunt that year in Kansas was worth the chance. Can't blame him there. We don't smoke or drink so the money we spend hunting is our escape. Am I upset with non-resident hunters coming to hunt? No. Will I have to miss some season due to a non-resident getting a tag? I am sure of that. But I am guilty of that to other states residents in the same manner. Why because I love to hunt. Will I pay outrages sums of money to hunt? No. But as with anything I will take my chances and hope for the best in each and every tag draw. People can keep this going and going. Should residents get better odds, it is public land and the debate could go on and on. But if you really think about it most of those non-resident plates you are seeing are just average people wanting to hunt and trying to see if they can find a place that they can still hunt, ex-residents coming back to hunt with family and friends and that too can go on and on. By the way we did apply in Wyoming the reason I read this post. Several elk tags were drawn. But with gas prices the way they are we may wish we didn't.

Been on both sides of the fence.

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Quick Reply: montana and wyoming have big game as well!

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