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Default robos

What do you guys think about the robo duck? We have one and I really don't know how effective it is. I also heard they are thinking about outlawing them
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Default RE: robos

I think they are kind of unethical. They are just making birds wiser and harder to hunt but dam they work good sometimes. I choose to use mine mainly on calm days where I need some movement in my spread. PS your name makes me laugh.
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Default RE: robos

I have heard that some ducks can recognize mojo's. And that they flare off of the wing movement. Others I KNOW kill ducks because of their robo-ducks.

In Arkansas there is a ban on spinning wing dekes next year already. It was originally a WMA ban, but was turned into a statewide ban.

Hope the Louisiana guys thank us...they'll be shooting all the ducks that fly right through Arkansas now.
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Default RE: robos

well when i first bought mine a few yrs ago ... i was amazed how well they worked .... now that everyone and their brothers have and use em .... it seems to flare alot of birds .... lol .... i quit usin mine .... so if yall are interested .... i have an original mojo collectin dust
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Default RE: robos

They do work though later in the season they become less effective. They seem to be most effective the first 1/2 hour of daylight.
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Default RE: robos

Mojo ducks work for me. Most people don't get ducks at 12 or 1 in the afternoon. My partner and I are blasting ducks left and right at noon. I believe they work.
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Default RE: robos

Used to be effective...when there were ducks...no ducks now so they aren't as effective.... All kidding aside they work, sometimes...mostly young birds...but, it won't bother me to not be using one next year....
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Default RE: robos

ever since i hunted with one i wouldnt hunt without em. it puts motion in your spread without the hassle of a jerkstring.
p.s. just bought one sunday
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Default RE: robos

Quackhead I think you'll like having that.
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