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jon boat advice??

Old 02-09-2004, 01:19 PM
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Default jon boat advice??

after really getting into duck hunting (and kindof forgetting about all those deer i used to be crazy about) this year, and really enjoying it, i've decided to get a jon boat set-up for next season. just curious to any advice you guys have that own moderately priced duck boats.

I want something long enough and comfortable for 2 people and a dog. I'll be hunting on sounds and good sized lakes. So in your opinion what is the least expensive set-up I could get by with? I'm a college kid and I'm thinking of finding a used boat of sufficient length and possibly buying the motor new. I don't need nothing fancy, just to get me there safely. I'll be doing all the camoing myself and rigging of blinds. All suggestions are appreciated!
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Old 02-09-2004, 04:30 PM
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Default RE: jon boat advice??

If these lakes are big enough to get some good sized waves and are much over waist deep you may want to consider a semivee hull in at least 14 ft. Some jon boats are ok but you must have enough freeboard to take the waves. we sure don't want to read about in the paper or see something about the young hunter who disappeared in a storm.. We waterfowlers sometimes overload our boats and take chances without a second thought. Think safety first. I have two 14 ft boats to use depending on which lake I'm going to hunt and a 16 foot for bigger lakes. They are all semivee hulls. They are different widths. I use anything from oars or push pole to 9 1/2 to 25 hp motors. I have gone through the jon boats and they certainly have their place.
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Default RE: jon boat advice??

I agree w/ drgildy. Rough water and cold temperatures are tough on jon boat. We use a 16 ft vee in deep/large bodied water and a 14 ft jon boat for smaller ponds and such. I know dollars are important. Shouldn't be too tough to find a good used boat. Good Luck.
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Default RE: jon boat advice??

I also strongly encourage you to get a Deep-V hull and stay away from Jon Boats for big water hunting. Just this past season, we had two young teenagers go out on the local big water in a howling nor'easter with 3 foot whitecaps. They never returned. Their Jon Boat washed up on the opposite side of the lake about 7 miles away. It will be a grisly find when they turn up this spring. A Jon Boat would probably be just fine 99% of the time, but for the 1% where it is not, it could cost you your life on big water. Big water can turn on you in a hurry and what was enough of a rig to get you out may not be enough to get you back in safely. You should be able to pick up a decent used v-hull and motor for about the same price as a Jon-boat. I personally hunt out of a 16 3/4' Lund Deep Vee with a 90 horse motor for big water. It is more than I need most of the time, but when it turns really nasty, it is worth every penny!!!
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Default RE: jon boat advice??

Go with a 16 footer either way. We use a 16 semi-v Grumman and a 14 Jon. I'm in the market for a 16 Jon to replace the 14. We used to have one and we're finding the 14 Jon actually draws more water than the 16 due to reduced hull displacement. We have a 25hp on the semi-v and a 15hp on the Jon, both run 20mph+ with two guys, a dog, and lots of decoys. You'll spend $2000 or more for either combo, used (5-10yrs. old), with a trailer. Good luck.
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Default RE: jon boat advice??

Crestliner makes a Gregor style V-hull that is affordable and deeper than any of its competitors. They're awsome for packing decoys over open water. I've got a 16' center console and I'm gonna sell it and buy the Crestliner in a tiller model. They really are special.

I agree with these guys on the Jon boat. They might have a place, but it's not on open water during duck season.

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