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How much water to flood?

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Default How much water to flood?

My family has 160 acres in Western Okalhoma with an 11 acre swamp. We have mashed the ducks on it when it has water. We got a little crazy 2 years ago and purposefully drained the swamp to burn out the overgrowth and an extreme drought hit the area. This year we had it tilled and planted in Milo which did great in the moist swamp dirt but it is still dry other than a couple puddles in low areas. We also had a dozer dig out a few holes to a little deeper depth as well. We finally had a well dug last week and hit good water. The digger is telling us we should get close to 125 gal/min out of the pump which should run 24 hrs./day.

My question is how long will it take to get enough water to hunt? Max depth for the swamp is about 4.5 feet and it is daily flat. Thanks for the input.
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are you sitting down?

An "acre foot" is the area/volume of 1 acre of land flooded to 1 foot of depth (43,560 cubic feet). An "acre foot" of water is 326,700 gallons of water per acre! If your swamp is exactly 11 acres & the average depth is 2 ft (you said max is 4?) then you will need:

In case you were wondering:
43,560 x 2 (ft) = 87,120 cubic ft per acre.
87,120 x 11 (acres) = 958,320 cubic feet in your 11 acre swamp at 2ft avg water depth.

To answer your question:
326,700 gals per acre foot x 11 acres x 2 (ft) = 7,187,400 gals of water!

That doesn't take into consideration things like evaporation, soil absorption loss (I hope you didn't lose your seal via those dozer holes), actual pump output, pump/equipment failure/breakdowns etc...

If you could actually pump a steady 125gals per min, 24/7 (with none of the above variables) then it would pump 180,000 gals a day which would take 39-40 days to pump 7.2 million gals. (Hope that well is FULL!)

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36 Hrs of pumping and we already have a hunt able sliver of water. Still a long way to go but exciting. Video is pump running 80% to main body of water and 20% to upper timber pothole. Timber pothole video coming in couple days

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